Hi, I'm Graham from Yorkshire, now in Scotland

I’m in my early 60s and now about 18 months into my guitar trip, and things are starting to fall into place. Yes, I can play a decent F chord (full-fat version!), and can change to/from it from C (for ages), Am (last few days) and from G and D are still works in progress but getting there. Having followed Justin’s Beginner course I’m now starting to understand what I really want to learn (rhythm) and what I don’t (finger-style). Thanks Justin - great course.


Welcome to the Community, Graham. Justin’s programmes are a wonderful way to learn, follow it step-by-step and things surely will fall into place.

Welcome Graham, as David says Justin provides a wonderful path for us to follow. What ever direction your music takes, rhythm underpins everything. Who knows you may come back to fingerstyle in the future but a foundation built on rhythm will serve you well in all styles.
Just enjoy the ride.



Great stuff Graham, keep at it, it gets a lot better

Hello Graham and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

A Now you will be able to focus on the rhythm side of things.

It’s nice once you get the F chord under your belt.

Hi Graham, a very warm welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi Graham….I’m a newbie to Justinguitar and have just seen your post. I’m also in Scotland in the Borders and just wondering whereabouts you are?
Cheers, Paul

Hi Graham! I’m echoing everyone else but it bears repeating. Hope you enjoy your learning path and your time in this community. :smiley:

Hi Paul

I’m in Edinburgh


Hi Graham ….thanks for your quick reply. If you just happened to be close by I was going to ask if you had a jam buddy. Not to worry, it was just a thought.
Enjoy your picking!

Welcome, Graham! Sounds like you’ve been making great progress. And those are great insights regarding what you do and don’t want to learn.

I’ve really enjoyed my visits to Edinburgh. Wonderful city.

I often cycle down to the Borders, but never with a guitar on my back!

That’s OK, I have two! Good coffee available if you’d care to stop by!