Hi, I'm LievenDV, Official JustinGuitar Guide

wow, much appreciated Roger! :blush:

Doing the radio thing was fun to do and I’m glad we could do the interview in one smooth take.
The song was take 2.

I love being on stage or doing stuff like that but it’s a bit of a paradox.
One time I wan’t everybody to hear and see me, the other time I wonder why people should care because don’t bring real “value” or make their lives better.
I’m having fun in the meantime so the “netto result” is always positive though :smiley:


Oooo Lieven :flushed:,…you know as well as I do that music can and will influence lives (both good …and evil (unfortunately) )…but I almost all cases bring joy, or comfort,…and you play very very well, luckily you see that yourself,…you were rightly satisfied with your rendition of Ain`t no sunshine …and so playing your music is important/useful … I’m not telling you anything new, of course, but that sentence excites and echoes in my head… .please don’t do it again :face_with_raised_eyebrow::grin:
Of course I understand your human dichotomy(two minds(?) ) a bit,…if it’s just because I don’t come close to your talent yet…Uhhhh ,from what you can and have learned…I mean :joy:

Or rather said…if only because I’m not even able to perform yet, maybe you still feel that sometimes bubbling up even after such a long good period apparently…
luckily the net result is positive :sunglasses:, otherwise this talk would be even longer :see_no_evil:

Well, enough said from my side…I’m glad I listened :sunglasses:and would have loved to see it live…who knows who knows


@LievenDV the paradox makes you…a human…with moodswings as we all have. :rofl: :kissing_closed_eyes: Escapism as you called it…
I love your “ain’t no sunshine” interpretation, positive jealousy.

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