Hi, I'm LievenDV, Official JustinGuitar Guide

You might know me from the Forum, as I am admin there together with Mr.Close2U

I play in a band: Point Fifty and we make “modern heavy metal”
I also have a solo act: Devil’s Advocate.

I’m from Belgium, I joined the JustinGuitar forum in 2006 and I’ve been hanging around since :wink:

I’m here to help you out so let me know if you run into issues: lieven ±at-+ justinguitar ±dot-+ com


Hello Lieven. Nice to meet you sir ! Thank you for the invite to join the team of testers and will do what I can to make this a success.



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What has happened here

Indeed, @adi_mrok

What’s with this convention @LievenDV ? I’d been wondering about it myself.

Hey @adi_mrok @DavidP ! :smiley:
When it comes to JG e-mails, it’s all first name basis :smiley:
But indeed, I try to keep LievenDV running as uniform as possible :wink:

What I meant @LievenDV is that the formatting is odd here, hoprfully you can view it from my image?

It’s on purpose, done by me manually; it is to avoid that crawler botsput my e-mail address in an inventory for spam purposes

Hello. I wouldn’t say I’m new here…in fact, I’d say I’ve been around the block a couple of times. Haha.

Anyhoo, the new website is looking good. In dark mode on my cellphone, I wasn’t able to see the words. Font color was blue on black background.

Hi Lieven my old friend - in a new world.


Lynn whoo hooo so happy to see you here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks! :heart::heart::heart:

I’ve been busy, but also been having issues with the app I use for posting here. That’s the main reason I haven’t been on the forum lately. I haven’t even been able to read posts without getting very frustrated, so I’m way behind in hearing everyone’s progress. Hopefully this new website will work! I miss everyone, especially you, Maggie.

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Was a delightful surprise to find you here, @redrhodie

Hope life is going well, all those secret activities going well, plenty of of art, and some music making.

Now that you are here, you can share some music in this Community :wink:

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Yay, Lynn! You’re back! Nice to hear from you!!

Thanks for the warm welcome back, David and Pam!

I’ve been very busy with art, work, and doing even more background acting. I also went on a trip to Italy in October. Guitar playing has been on the back burner for a while. Dave and I still play some songs and have fun, but we haven’t been making anything new or recording. It will come back eventually, when other things relax. I try not to pressure myself to have fun. Haha. It kind of defeats the purpose. So I do what I can and am trying not to stress out about it.

How are you all doing? David, you must be a pro at this point! I expect that you’re doing as well as ever, consistently working and getting better and better? Pam, I expect to hear you on the radio. I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m off to work. I’m now learning to be a harpsichord tech. I’m stringing and voicing. Imagine stringing a guitar that had 120 strings. That’s what I’m doing today.

I’m gonna be late. :blush:


sounds challenging @redrhodie !

Btw, you should ocnsider making a topic for yourself in the #all-about-your-music:road-cases category, to bundle your progress, experiences and endeavours! We’d love to follow your journey there.

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Sounds like you’ve been buzy Lynn. 120 strings sound like
a job for someone with patiance.

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Hey Lieven! Nice new forum!

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Hi Lieven,
I really don’t want to be the promoter of the devil’s advocate :innocent:…but dear people,…I must have missed it in The Sections avoyp, if not, these songs should have a place in their own (sorry if that already is ,More people just need to hear this,and I have already heard a version of the first)…But Tjemig de peemig, how good,…Beautiful… :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:
The interview is also nice to hear… :clap:…I take my hat off to you and make a deepest bow. :heartpulse: :bouquet: