Hi, I'm Nick. Happy to be here!

Hello Good People of JG Forum,

I guess my girls are my motivation to get good. We are naturally shy people and I hope music / arts can be a way for them to breakout of that.

Learned guitar and singing in church in my 30’s and now my 40’s haven’t progressed much. I’m gravitating towards lead rhythm playing (John Mayer). Once I master the major scale, I’ll graduate to the Blues scale and go through JG’s blues lessons. I’ve taken up the guitar again after many years break. Last few months been practicing about an hour a day. Playing in front of people is death. I just want to make music and some good quality YT videos.

I have a YT channel and a few uploads. My girls are in the background because I have no other time to record, we’re always together! #dadlife


You’re off to a good start, Nick.

Have you been through Justin’s Grade 1 and 2 material? If not, probably worth working through those to ensure your foundation is solid.

Hi Nick, welcome. :slight_smile:

Hi Nick and welcome.

If you are just starting again, I strongly recommend working through Justin’s structured grade path, until you find your current level, There will be lots you know but perhaps more you have missed along the way. It will be a safer journey than dipping into the world of YouTube. There are some great teachers out there but my experience is there is no substitute for a structured learning path. MHO :smiley:



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Hi Nick!
Welcome to the community.


Welcome to the Community, Nick, sounds like you’ve got some great inspiration. Lots of info and encouragement here, hope to hear you playing soon.

Hi Nick. Welcome to the new community :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello, Nick and welcome! Others have mentioned checking out Beginner 1 and 2. Even if you simply browse the material, you are likely to find some things that are new and valuable hints for playing better. Plus, it is loads of fun :grinning:

Welcome to the new community Nick.

Welcome Nick. AN hour of practice a day, that’s GREAT. It’s even better you get to enjoy it with your kids. What a wonderful way to bond and create lifetime memories.