Hi. I'm Richard (close2u) - Official JustinGuitar Guide

Along with @LievenDV, I am a JustinGuitar Admin and Official Guide.

I am from the North-East of England.

I am a teacher by profession, my speciality being Mathematics. Richard Coles Maths Tuition

Pre-pandemic I also taught beginner guitar in my local area. Now, I have the incredible privilege of being able to teach students all around the world as one of the four JustinGuitar Approved Teachers .
JustinGuitar Approved Teachers

I have been an active part of the JustinGuitar community since 2008, a time that I returned to playing guitar after many years without. I played rhythm / lead guitar in a covers band for several years. My play time now is mainly on my acoustic at home and at an occasional open mic night. I enjoy helping beginners improve and have a passion for writing guitar and music theory articles.

I’m here to help and can be contacted using the @ tag or using email:
richard ± at ± justinguitar ± dot ± com


Hello Richard, nice to meet you. :wink:

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Hello Richard… I’m sure I’ve seen that face somewhere before! I guess my post count starts again! quick lets see if we can beat David!

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Hi Richard, let’s welcome you with a bunch of emojis:


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ooohhh emojis at last and nice ones :rofl: :joy: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

Aw come on @Rossco01 @Richard_close2u is the man to beat with an existing count up and over 15,000 … I’m about halfway there

:rofl: :rofl: Yes but he’s been here from the start.

You got me @Rossco01 one can always make a metric to prove any point

Welcome @Richard_close2u :smiley:

Hello handsome stranger! :slight_smile:

Yeah - we all start from zero here haha.

I knew you’d like that Adrian!


Hello Richard, glad you’ve included a photo of your handsome face. :heart_eyes:


Is that the same Richard… the one who basically told me the truth…that I didn’t want to hear when I started publishing my videos last year? He told me… stop singing and learn the guitar tune first, chords and rhythm. At first I admit I thought you were too harsh, but then I listened and because of your advice I am now progressing. So thank you closetou2


Just read this again and Spike Milligan came to mind

richard ± at ± justinguitar ± dot ± com

Its the crosses that did it ! Spike did a parody on Lee Majors the 6 Euro man. OK back in the day and back in the USSA it was 6 million $ man but times have changed. I can not find it on UTub but his xray vision was presented by Spike as “dot dot dot dot” as he said in a Bluebottlesque mode “Little Crosses” Mr C that was your quote to perfection !

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And what a treasure trove of gifts you’ve given us Richard. :gift:

Thankyou for your custodianship of the Forum and now the Community. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I truly do appreciate and admire your fine mind you mathemusian.

It’s a thrill to have you joining the online OM’s and to hear you sing. Phooey to that nonsense that you can’t sing. :face_vomiting:

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Hi Richard, hi everyone.
Looking forward to participating in the new forum.


Hi Matt and it’s a big welcome and yahoo for you. :grinning:

Good to see you made it Matt :sunglasses:

Hi Sandra … it is indeed. What you call progressing I call a wonderful blossoming. You’re doing great! :sunglasses: