Hi I'm Tim Wilson - Nice to be here

Thanks Toby :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll be sure to ask for help when i get stuck

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Eventually they’ll be singing in harmony with you, Tim.

The other thing that will ensure you get all the feedback and encouragement you could need, is to be offering the same to others.

In particular, being active in AVOYP as both a Poster of recordings and a Replier, is invaluable. I think it is what makes learning to play in the Justin Guitar Community so special

Welcome aboard Tim!

Good to see here. This really is a great community Tim. You’re going to benefit alot if you hang around. Great bunch of people here, only too happy to help others out.
Re posting an AVOYP. No-ones ever ready to post that first one. I know I wasn’t - thats what I kept telling myself. Only did my first one a couple of months ago. Best thing I ever did. Not only is it a huge relief, but I reckon it really frees you up alot.
All the best mate.
Cheers, Shane

Thanks for the encouragement Shane. I feel pretty foolish that i’ve spent an entire year learning guitar and not got involved with what appears to be a wonderful community. Looking forward to interacting a lot more in the new year :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re right on the money there David. I plan to be a lot more involved now after spending ‘a year in the wilderness’ so to speak

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Nice meeting you Tim. It’s great you took the plunge. This community is really the best. I started just two months before you… still on Grade 2 lesson 10. Are you loosing your pick a lot as you play? That used to happen to me all the time, but lately that problem has faded away without much notice. Keep practicing… it will all come together when you least expect it. I encourage you to post your first video. Not only will you feel better about your playing, it’s a great way to track your progress and in a way your legacy.

Hi Tim, welcome to the new Community. If you were in the shadows of the Forum you know how things run and you’re thinking positively if you’re thinking of posting to AVOYP. Go for it. :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you Sandy. Strangely I don’t seem to lose my pick,it does move about an awful lot though. My main issue has been strumming too hard giving a really harsh sound so i’m trying to work on a more steady,relaxed motion and a lighter grip on my pick. The thought of posting on AVOYP is quite scary,but also exciting at the same time and seems to be quite motivational. I need to get that first post under my belt soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Richard. I wish i’d got involved with the forum/community a lot sooner. I’ve set myself a target of ‘within the next month’, to post on AVOYP regardless of how well I think my consolidation is going.

I had the same problem for quite a long time. Started with a thin pick - Dunlop .60, the hard medium pick used to scare my cats away (joking), but it sounded so harsh, I feared posting my videos, but lately the more I practice with a medium pick the better it sounds… you will get there. Do not wait for the perfect strumming to post a video, cos I believe that might take a longer time. I’m certainly not perfect yet and may never be.

Good advice Sandy. I’ve got quite a wide selection of picks as i’m interested in the different sounds they make. Started off with .46 delrin and the one i use most now is a.60 nylon which is slightly more bendy than a .60 tortex. I’ve come to realise that it may take another year or 2 to get my strumming to the point where I’m happy with it. Learning to relax more and practice will be the key to that I think. I also forgot to mention in my previous reply that I watched some of your vids on the old forum and I was really impressed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Tim… I used to play with a vinyl .60 dunlop all the time till recently when I started practicing solos and riffs and had to switch to a medium… and just starting to sound better after a few months… I suggest you start experimenting daily with a harder pick.

Good advice from Sandy, Tim. When you finally play a song through, all the right chords in the right order and right number of strums (4 down strums per bar, or 2, even 1) reasonably steady you’ll still feel that it’s not shareable. But the sooner you share the better.

As for strumming, I’m 5 years in and still feel however well I’ve played a song it could still have better feel. It’s a long road to develop great feel. So be prepared to be patient.

It’s good that you’ve picked up weaknesses early Tim. It’s hard to unlearn bad technique, so I’m giving you a gold star :star2:

When you’re ready to upload a video, go here Beginner’s safe space


Welcome Tim. The feedback you get here will always be constructive and encouraging. I look forward to hearing you play when you feel ready. I was a late AVoYP starter and probably missed out a bit by not posting earlier.


Good Vibes

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Good advice. I do switch my picks around a bit but probably not as often as i could do. I really like the feel of the thick dunlop jazz picks. They feel really nice to hold but playing with one usually goes awry pretty quickly

Thanks David. You’re definitely right about sharing. Over the last month or so i seem to have become super critical of myself which is a big barrier to relaxing when playing. I just need to get over it, chill out and enjoy my guitar. Over the last 12 months i’ve come to realise this is a journey of many years and things take as long as they take :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Maggie. I haven’t had a gold star since i was swimming at school. Thanks for the link to the beginners space. Hopefully i’ll be on there soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Gordon. I should’ve got involved a lot sooner. I’m hoping to post myself playing in the near future. I’ve changed my practice schedule to focus on that and i’m feeling the pressure a bit,but pushing myself a bit at this point won’t do any harm. :slightly_smiling_face: