Hi. I'm Toby (tobyjenner) JGC Student residing in Normandie France

Just a brief intro but I’ve been with Justin since 2013 when I started the old Beginners Course.

Got my first guitar in '96 but never really found the right teaching materials or had the right focus to make it a success. When I retired at 55 in 2011 I decided that needed to change and after a while of more self teaching, I found Justin’s website and the rest you can say is history.

I still see myself as an Advanced Beginner, currently working on Blues Lead and the last year more focused on singing and playing, which I just could not do until a year ago. I have just gone back to learning fingerstyle, as my objective for 2022 is playing fingerstyle AND singing at the same time ! To date I’ve recorded over 60 tracks including 2 originals (audio and video) that have charted my progress from born-again-beginner to where I am now, which I have shared with the JustinGuitar Community. And I guess that’s about it, so thanks for listening.

Sample of my recordings can be found on Soundcloud

https://soundcloud.com /tobyjenner/tracks
and Youtube

Oh yeah, also known as The Madman but maybe more on that later.




Good to see you’ve arrived Toby! I wonder if we still have our profile signatures? will have to have a look

Hi Jason, good to see you. Yes good point, not checked out profile and preference yet.

They are there - sort of - you now just click the circle next to your name (I guess that’ll have my avatar eventually) and you see the signature.

@tobyjenner seems like the start of a Forum Roadcase.

And that is just one of many areas of the Forum that need figuring out as we proceed.

@Rossco01 thanks for pointer on the signature, will have to check that out next.

Just discovered you can @reference using either a first name or Community user name, which is pretty cool

Yep I am sure once we get up an running there will be big positives to the new forum… easy to post pictures and videos for a start.

@Rossco01 ah well I have the avatar but can see the sig. lol

And I see my avatar … profile pic … came across from the JustinGuitar website automatically.

When I have power again (don’t get my started) then will work on the picture as per the newsletter request and perhaps use the same source to improve the profile pic.

Hello there Mr P ! Nice of you to drop in. I’m kinda glad I screwed up my retreat timeline, as it gives me a few hours to mess around here ! Every cloud…

Yes the @ tag is a nice feature.

As to the Roadcase, could not see a heading for that in the list of “categories” but early days. I will have to rewrite the intro at least, so it makes sense as it started 5 years ago and re populate many of the photos which were hosted on another site but all up on IMGUR these days.


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Roadcase’s is in All About Your Music…just use search in the All Categories button at the top of the forum

Good spot !

Hey just discovered another feature posts must be 20 char minimum.

Thanks @Rossco01

Ah yes, the 20 characters. With the prompt to hit “Like” rather than a short reply.

New conventions to emerge

And I just discovered that there is an option to see which post you are replying to by clicking avatar in too right corner of the reply, pretty cool. However quick reply is not adjusted to phone browser as if I click a few options those are sort of out of the screen, I will post it in my feedback post.

I notice when using the drop down menu it actually has a mobile view option (this is when looking at it on the desktop).

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It actually does, thanks Jason!

The one and only!
Welcome aboard the new Community!

Howdy-doo-dee Toby. :grinning:

Hiya everyone,
Just signed up and logged in. I’ll take a while to mosey around and read what you all found out before I start spamming myself.
Good to see you on board Toby- I was afraid you were spitting the dummy :laughing:
Never seen so many posts from a madman in such a short time, esp. right after announcing a period of 24-hour silence.
This is gonna be great (and much easier than playing guitar!)


Sorry Brian I don’t know you on this Community yet, you need to introduce yourself on New Here section :sweat_smile:

As much as you try, you won’t get rid of me that easy lah !! I am just old protective godfather, who will lament the loss of such treasured information, as if it never existed, while the new kids on the block have their words carried into eternity or until the next rebuild, Anyway with you me and David we’ll soon fill this new fangle doofer thing up with meaningless waffle, pretending we are guitar sages. Keep typing Grommet ! :clown_face: