Hi, I'm Wayne from Nova Scotia, Canada

They say the third time is the charm! Hope so as this is my third attempt to learn guitar in 6 years. Whenever I got to learning C and G chords in the Classic course, life would throw a wrench into things and I’d have to start again.
Now that I’m retired, yes another old dog, I may be able to get to play a few songs for the family. If I have enough time left, I want to learn enough about blues to play some just for my own enjoyment


Hey Wayne!

Welcome to JG, C and G are a couple of tough nuts to crack but you can get there!

Thanks, I pretty much had C down and was learning the various G fingerings when I had to stop. Shouldn’t take long to get back up to speed.

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Hi there, Wayne! Before you know it you’ll be throwing down G and C, mixing in a bit of Am, and a whole bunch of D! Let yourself enjoy the journey without feeling like you should be a virtuoso in 3 months time and you’ll be a whole lot more likely to stay with the program.

Thanks, that sounds like Knockin on Heaven’s Door!!

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Welcome Wayne :smiley: Third time lucky sounds good to me.

Come on in, Wayne :grin:

Welcome to the Community and sure you’ll achieve your goals as you move through the grades (blues in Grade 2)

Hi Wayne and welcome to the community! Happy retirement and good luck with learning guitar…plenty of people here to give you some guidance if needed.

Hello Wayne and welcome. :slight_smile:

I hope you manage to achieve it this time round. Spanner free would be nice.

Welcome Wayne. Good to see you getting back in the saddle again. Hopefully retirement will give you the time you need to push on past those chords and continue to make progress. :sunglasses:

Welcome to the community Wayne, this is a great place to be learning guitar. You’re also in an amazing place to be doing anything musical. The Maritimes have such a rich culture of music and community that is more concerned with being out there than with how good you are (at least in my experience.) Enjoy the journey.


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