Hi.... Jeff from North Carolina here

Picked up the guitar after many years of not playing. This website is fantastic. The skills I thought would take months to rebuild are flying off the shelves. Thx Justin!


Hey Jeff, welcome to the community. Look forward to hearing more from you. I’ve got a brother who lives near Raleigh.

Hi Jeff! Welcome to the community, and yes, just got through grade 1 myself and its been a great experience relearning

Welcome aboard! I’m a ways up the road from you, in Rocky Mount. Enjoy digging back in! :smiley:

Miguel in Blk Mnt… I follow the practice routine from the previous lesson( I’m on 8 so I follow routine for seven 7
Until finish 8 and so on) Justin’s helped me stay on task.Thank you.

Hey Jeff, welcome. How very exciting to find yourself regaining skills fast and easily.

Welcome to the Community, Jeffrey. Glad you are finding the website to be so helpful and getting back into playing so quickly. Look forward to hearing you play.

Thx much to all of you. This is a great place to be as a guitarist

Welcome Jeff!

There’s something magical about muscle memory and how quickly it wakes up when you give it some proper practice. Here’s to many years of guitar playing!

Welcome Jeff and Miguel. Good to have you here. :sunglasses:

Thx for all the great messages!