Hi! Kevin from Edmonton, Canada

I’ve had a guitar around for a long time and could play open chords but it’s just been recently that I’ve picked it up again and it seems to have clicked this time. I’m currently working on and having a lot of fun learning to solo over blues backing tracks. Glad to be here and those open mics that you guys have been doing look like a lot of fun.

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Welcome to the forum Kevin. I’m south of Calgary.

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Welcome to the Community, Kevin. Great to hear you are learning and having fun. The Open Mics are great fun and all are welcome, whatever their play-grade. Look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome aboard! I was doing the open chords for a long time too. Getting involved in this forum has been the number 1 best thing that has helped me progress.

Welcome fellow Kev, you’re in the right place.

Welcome Kevin.
Good to see you making progress.
As @DavidP says the Open Mic are open to all regardless of their level. Keep an eye out for future announcements.

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Welcome and by any means, don’t hesitate to participate in those open mics :smiley:

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Hello Kevin and welcome. :slight_smile:

The OM’s are great. Would be great to see you there once you feel comfortable enough to participate.

Hello Kevin and a very warm welcome to the Community.
Playing improvisation over backing tracks is smile-inducer that’s for sure.

Welcome to the community Kevin, interested in your handle, is that anything to do with Mark Bolan?
Yup, soloing over backing tracks is great fun, but also using a looper or something like Trio+ is even better, more of a sense of achievement! It’s all great fun and that’s how to keep the impetus going :metal:

Welcome Kevin!
You’re in good company here, there’s lots of us “returners” in this neck of the woods
My playing has progressed than I could ever imagined thanks to Justin Guitar, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do
happy practicing!

Thanks. Yes my handle is because of Marc Bolan and I’ve just recently picked up a ditto looper but haven’t used it much yet.

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