Hi, Liz from Brum here 😃

Hi I’m Liz. I’m in my 40s and live in South Birmingham UK. Any other Brummies here?
I’m about 6 months into learning on a steel string acoustic (and boy can you tell from my gnarly finger tips). It’s a new instrument for me but I teach piano so not new to music.
I am loving :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it and will be buying an electric soon. Currently on the grade 2 stuff (I practice a lot :joy:). Please say hi and let me know if I qualify as an “old dog”. I’m not really sure if I want to! :rofl:


Welcome! While I’m not in Brum, I’m located where Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire meet, and I work next to the NEC, in case that counts for honourary Brummie-ship.

(My wife is from Newtown)

Hi Liz, I’m from Halesowen so probably not too far away!
Welcome to the community, you couldn’t have picked a better place for learning guitar, there’s plenty of advice, support and encouragement here especially if you record yourself playing (and maybe singing) and post it on the AVOYP section for critique. It’s a very friendly place and there’s lots of knowledgeable folks here who can answer almost any questions.
Age wise, nah, you’re a youngster compared to some of us - I’m 70, still playing, still learning!
Good luck with your learning path, have fun!


Ooh that’s pretty close. Hi there! I’m not from here originally anyway I’m from Lancashire but now been in Brum longer than I was there! I’m not that far from the NEC :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Darrell,
Maybe one day I will be brave enough to post a video.
I don’t mind singing it’s the guitar bit that’s difficult :slightly_smiling_face:.
Glad I’m not too old! I teach people piano who are in their 80s, keep learning, stay young :+1:t2::muscle:t2:

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Hi Liz, welcome to the best guitar learning site and guitar community on the interweb! I’m not a Brummie, but a lot of years ago I used to live in Wolverhampton and work all over Brum and the Black country (my son was born at New Cross Hospital). Don’t be afraid to post a recording or video. I recently posted my first two, and was treated with kindness by everyone who responded - you will only receive constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement here

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Thanks, maybe I will have a go later :smiley:

Welcome to the community you old dog. Howl!!! Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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Howlin’ back at ya!

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Hi Liz, a very warm welcome to the community.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Liz, I like to go to Birmingham, Alabama to the motorcycle museum.
Does that count for anything? BTW best moto museum in the world.
Over 1500 bike in the most beautiful setting along with a gorgeous racetrack.
I know I know this is a guitar community. So congrats on your new guitar journey. The acoustic guitar is so much fun. I just love the sounds that come out of a nice guitar (especially if the player is so talented like our teacher, Justin).
I just love the way Justin teaches. He really makes it easy and fun. His playing is phoenomenal (sp.) . I just recently purchased a electronic piano also. So I will be extremely busy soon. I was already very busy with guitar, woodworking,
motocycling and chasing grandchildren.
You must be practicing a whole lot to already be on Grade 2 after only 6 mos.
The fingers will ease up after a while. Justin has a lesson on not pressing too hard. Well Cheerio and Play on!

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Hi Liz, welcome to the community. I’m in my early 40s so I consider us still young. Wish you all the best with your guitar journey.

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Welcome, Liz!

Cool. Piano was my first instrument, too. I’m sure you’ll find (and are finding) that your piano background will help speed your progress on guitar. Things like timing, rhythm, hand/finger independence, and theory won’t be a struggle.

Only if you want to qualify. :slight_smile: Personally, I don’t think of 40s as being old. (I recently turned 51, and I don’t think of that as being old, either.)

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Gosh you sound busy! Did you know that Birmingham Uk is the home of our national motorcycle museum?!

Yes I can practice 2 or 3 hours a day between my own teaching so that helps with fast progress.

Isn’t Judas Priest the best thing that has come out of Birmingham yet? :laughing:
I’m jooooooking of course. Good ol’ British banter :joy:

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Nah, Ozzy Osbourne was :grin::grin::grin:

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Haha that’s a definite maybe! :joy:

Hello and welcome to the community Liz. :slight_smile:

I think in your 40’s you may be too young to join the old dogs club. Not sure what the entry age is though. :smiley:

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Welcome to the Community, Liz. Have fun. We’re all young at heart here :grin:

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