Hi my name is Bert and I’m from Lancashire England

On the 18th July 2020 at the age of 62
I bought a second hand guitar and amp. That was the first night I started to follow Justin and have practiced and played every night since, even if you don’t feel up to it as soon as you go to Justin’s lessons his style just motivates you. He has been my inspiration ever since. His teaching is absolutely first class he is an absolute legend in my eyes and if anyone says they want to learn guitar I point them towards Justin. I now own 2 amps 3 electric and 1 acoustic guitar latest of which is an Epiphone Slash Les Paul which is an absolute dream to play.
I was lucky enough to get Justin’s rock song book for Xmas and am now working my way through it - highly recommended


Hi Bert!
Welcome, I’m new here too and everyone has been lovely.
I’m originally from Lancashire (Rochdale) but I’ve lived in Birmingham longer now.
Have fun and enjoy your guitar :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Bert, welcome to this great Community. I’m 62 from Lancashire too. Lancaster area.

Hi Bert, welcome in!

It’s a great way to support Justin too…

Welcome to the community Bert. Sounds like you’re doing great and having fun.

Hello there Bert!

Welcome to the community!

I’ve been thinking of purchasing some of the Justin songbooks. But he doesn’t have a e-book version and the shipping… :money_with_wings:. For the money I’ll rather donate directly, but it would be nice to purchase something of his store

I bought his beginners songbooks off Amazon, perhaps that’s an option in your location too?

Good to meet you here, Bert, sounds like you have made great progress and are having fun.

Hi Bert, welcome to the community. Apart of Justins lessons this place offers a lot of additional information and support. Nice to read, that there are others who have picked up the guitar later in her lives and having so much fun and enthusiasm for this Instrument.

Oh my. I didn’t thought of lookin at Amazon :man_facepalming:t2:

Yes it is an option :blush:

Hi Bert, welcome to the community. It sounds like you’re making great progress. Rock on.

Hello and welcome to the community Bert. :slight_smile:

Yes, Justin is very inspirational.

Absolutely. Hey bert, welcome to the community, keep at it!!!

My wife says I’m obsessed because I play every night but hey I’ve a lot of catching up to do ha ha. Wish I’d started sooner but maybe wouldn’t have been able to afford the guitars. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome

Thanks Tony I think I’ve definitely got the bug- always thinking about either what to learn next or the song I’m currently learning plus all the Justin practice

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Hi Bert, what’s holding back :rofl:

Everything you say about Justin is right on the mark, so I am glad you’ve not only found him but have the motivation to keep improving. Good to have you here.

Welcome to the forum @BertW

Looking forward too see you play that Slash Les Paul :grin:
I will be extremly jalous if its the Anaconda green🤣

Sorry to disappoint its the appetite burst