Hi , Phil from Delaware

Hi, I am a Brit who has been living in the US for about 25 years. I am 56 and have always wanted to play guitar but never got round to it. 3 Years ago when my wife was back in Blighty I treated myself to an Epiphone Les Paul starter kit. I had hoped to feel confident enough to play something for her, when she got back, once it was in my hands those thoughts soon disappeared. I started learning using Justin’s videos and 2 beginner songbooks. My progress is spotty with ups and downs, but I have stuck at it playing almost every day since. I got an Sire acoustic guitar 2 years ago. I continue to try to learn and feel that in the last few months things are beginning to come together. I have only ever played for myself and my wife, but have been watching the open mike night video, which are excellent and maybe something I want to try, but I am nowhere near ready. I retired early about a year ago, which has given me a bit more time to try to learn. Looking forward to getting involved here. Cheers


Hey Phil!

Good for you sticking with it, it gets easier as you progress as it gets harder… (haha) , I’ve not looked at the open mic nights yet but playing with others is always helpful from a support and technical/learning point of view

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Welcome to the Community, Phil.

When I returned to the guitar after years of failed attempts to make satisfying progress, I never imagined playing an Open Mic. Now into my 6th year here with Justin Guitar and the Community, I am a reasonably comfortable performer at Open Mics (enjoyed another last night)

So keep on keeping on and you will play those OMs in time.

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I also retired early about 2 1/2 years ago. Sure am enjoying the extra time I have for guitar. Welcome to the community.

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Hello Phil, welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

It will be great to see you playing in the open mic, once you feel ready.

Hi Phil, a very warm welcome to the community.

Learning with Justin and taking the step-by-step approach will get you there. Kudos for watching the Open Mic archive videos.

If anyone is unsure what this refers to: Open Mics Archive: Recordings + After-Show Chat - JustinGuitar Community

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Hi Phil. I started a year ago and like you I don’t think i’m quite ready to play in front of other people. I’ve found the learning process to be a series of small victories, but its been great fun, and the lessons and community are excellent. Take it as slowly as you need to, enjoy yourself and you’ll get there. I look forward to hearing you play when you’re ready. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

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Blighty? I see you have not gone completely native then :wink:
This is a fab resource- you get as much out of it as you want.

Haha, if you watched enough of them, you’d know there is no such thing as ready. There are no standards or expectations. We all share the nervousness and adrenaline :smiley:

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Hi Phil and welcome.

Your journey sound about right for most of us, it takes a little time before things click and fall into place, so keep plugging away.

The next Open Mic is just about 2 weeks away, Feb 19 and you are more than welcome to joining the audience if you’d like to. You are UTC - 5 in Delaware so it would be an afternoon kick off. Just let me no if you want to join the craic !



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Hi Phil! I’m extremely new to the guitar and the community, but welcome! Nice to see you join!

Thanks all for the welcome, it feels great to be part of a community. Seeing similarity between my journey and lots of others. I have started back at the beginning to brush up and consolidate. Considering recording myself, but hesitating about making the jump. I know I need to just do it.

See you around.

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I did my first open mic after I’d been playing for about 10 months. Learned heaps and heaps and have done nearly 90 open mics now after 10 years of playing guitar. They aren’t for everyone, but for those of us who enjoy them, they are great.

Do it, Phil! Come on, do it! :upside_down_face: You want us to beg you to do it? Is that what you’re after?! :rofl:

Well, I’m not going to beg, I’ll just tell you that you’ll be very pleased with yourself after you work up the nerve to do it - and you know you want to! :sunglasses:

Hi Phil,
Welcome to the community, I’m very new here myself and totally get how you feel about playing to an audience, theres no way I’m ready to do that! but I suppose if you do have a go it’ll be a huge step forward and a massive confidence boost.

Hey Phil. Your journey seems to have begun like mine and, I dare say, several others on this forum. Some try and then quit until something later in life sparks their interest again. Each of us progressing in our own way. Each of us loving the journey. I listened to your video of Elinor Rigby. Very nice.