Hi, Rod here, formerly RC23


Rod from Melbourne, Australia here, I was RC23 on the old forum but I’m going to be RodC here.

Got given a guitar in 2016 and found JustinGuitar sometime around 2018. I’ve been active on the old forum since mid 2019.

I try to play every day, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Great to see a lot of familiar forum members here.



Good to see you here, Rod.

I don’t think I’ve managed 7 consecutive days ever. But on the upside, I think the only times I’ve gone more than a day maybe two without playing was those three occasions over the last five years when I was out the country for work reasons.

No recriminations, just keep on keeping on.

Good you made the shift @RodC
I don’t manage to play every day eitherand metimes it’s just crap but that’s how it is sometimes.
See you around!

I find it’s a pretty rare day that I don’t pick up the guitar for at least a few minutes.
Working from home over the last year or so, because of Covid, has made that easier. Especially as my music room is also my home office!

But even when I’m away I try to find a way. Just back from a few days at my sisters. Found her old 1980’s Ibanez acoustic in a case, bought some new strings and had lots of fun

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@RodC Hi Rod good to see you found your way here. Nice to have you on board. :sunglasses:

Welcome Rod. I try not to stress too much if I don’t pick the guitar up every day.

No stress, I do it because I enjoy it.