Hi! Ronnie from Arequipa, Peru

Hello! I’m Ronnie Franco from Peru. I’m one of the (very) few Latin American or Spanish-speaking students here. I have been around for a month now but I’m finally here to introduce myself.

My guitar journey started when I was 17 years old (I’m currently 33) when my dad bought me my first electric guitar. I spent years playing metal riffs and power chords and never got to put myself through proper lessons. Yes, believe it or not, it’s only now that I’m learning chords, scales and, FINALLY, music theory. I mean…I can play Metallica’s Master of Puppets (except Kirk’s solo though lol) but I was never able to play other simple chord songs. Crazy right? lol But I guess it’s better late than never. One advantage I have is that I noticed that I don’t have much problem with quick chord changes because I guess I’m kind of accustomed to quick riffs and power chord changing. The one disadvantage I have learning through Justinguitar is that I’m learning notes in English (A B C D E F G) when in Spanish we use the classical European terms (Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si). I still struggle a bit matching letters to note names. But it’s really a tiny disadvantage compared to the fact that learning here is a lot better than learning through any guitar lessons websites in Spanish. I tried a few but none really did it for me. I’m really glad I found Justinguitar and be part of this community!!


Hi Ronnie, welcome to the community, great to have you here

Welcome to the Community, Ronnie.

I think we have at least one Spanish member active here, who knows maybe more. I have a remote connection to Peru in that my brother lived in Lima for a number of years (now in the NE of Brazil).

Wish you well following the early grades and look forward to hearing you play. How about sharing a recording of Master of Puppets in AVOYP (#all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing)

Hello and welcome Ronnie. :slight_smile:

Keep at it and I’m sure you’ll soon get those differences under you belt and be well away.

Hi Ronnie, welcome aboard!

It’s definitely going to be worth the effort, look forward to hearing from you.

Great back story, Ronnie. Glad you’re finding a fresh start with Justin’s method and glad you’ve decided to join our Community!

Hi Ronnie and Welcome to the Community.

I am sure if you run into any problems we can find ways of helping you out. Just ask if you get stuck or are unsure on something. Music is universal and despite language challenges I am sure visual answers may help, where translation is lacking.