Hi, Serhat from London


Serhat, 38 from London.

About 3 years in and Justin has been invaluable in my learning journey. Aspiring to play open mics and blues Jams and hopefully be in a band someday.


Welcome to the forum Serhat

Hey Serhat, thanks for the introduction, welcome to the community.

Open mics are a great experience. Humbling, learning and a hoot when you nail it.

Hi, and glad you decided to post and introduction! It took me a while to post in the community as well. I was making good progress on my own, and it was hard to find time to get involved here. Eventually, I kind of leveled off and lost my sense of direction. I’m not quite ready for live play, but I realized I need to work with others if I’m to keep moving forward. I want my guitar experience to be more social, and I also want to support others on their journey. I hope you stick around and share your progress here. I’m sure it will help you build the confidence and skills you need to participate in live jams and realize your dream of playing in a band.

Thank you for the warm welcome @tony @stitch @DonnatheDead! I’ve just recently started lurking around the community forums and was surprised at how active it is and how constructive and encouraging people are!


Hi Serhat,
Welcome ,and i wish you a lot of fun and hope you can make your dreams come true :sunglasses:


When I first joined an acoustic music club some 10 years ago, I was amazed at the same thing. Many of us have been at the stage you are at and we understand the challenges you’ve overcome to get there.

Welcome Serhat :blush:

A very warm welcome Serhat.
I wish you the very best as you learn, progress abd make strides towards your musical goals - big and small.
I’m glad you have already seen the positive and encouraging climate we strive for in the community.
Ask if you need anything.
Cheers :slight_smile: Richard

Welcome and a Happy New Year to you.


Hello Serhat, welcome to the community. Good luck with your goals! Enjoy your time here.

Hello @roger_holland @tony @SILVIA @Richard_close2u @Libitina :slight_smile:


I’m interested in your username. Do you fly full size? RC? both? Neither? :smiley:

@tony Unfortunately, I only flew using flight simulators. My favourites are B737 and Cessna 187 :slight_smile:

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Cool. I’ve been flying rc planes and drones for many years. flight simulators are great.

Hello and welcome to our community Serhat. :slight_smile:

If you follow Justin’s course, I’m sure you’ll be out there doing your open mics before you know it.

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