Hi, some ramblings from India

I am 32 years old from Gurgaon, India, .

I learnt piano/ keyboard for a year or two in school, grade 4,5 i think and my instructor pointed out that I was rhythmically challenged. He asked me to listen to music a lot.

I also learnt guitar in school, grade 9 for 3-4 months but quickly gave up due to lack of practice & life events. I suspect the acoustic guitar I bought was too big for my hands, and other kids in the music class had thinner, lighter guitars.

And so, I have been listening to a lot of music and I can sing (bathroom style) along with the music keeping the rhythm. However, if i try to sing with nothing in the background, even with the song vividly clear in my mind, I cannot keep the rhythm. I can’t keep it even while clapping, without some external cue (like other people clapping). I still miss a beat or two here and there. This is an area I would definitely like to improve.

I want to learn guitar now to show off to my kid (and hopefully inspire) that me and my wife are now planning to have. So, I wish to get to a level where I can hopefully instill some music in my kid early on.

And so, I whipped out my old & now-not-so bulky axe, broke the 1st string while tuning, ordered a replacement and got to working. Tomorrow, I am taking it to a shop to get it cleaned & polished.

I am currently on Grade 1, learning D, A & Em. Loving it so far.


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You start begins just like mine it sounds like. I also had a string break on me while trying to tune my guitar for the first time and promptly had to go to the guitar store the next day to replace the string I broke! Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hi, welcome to the community forum. I hope you get your guitar in good shape to play. Justin’s lesson will give you a lot of practice with rhythm. Have fun learning to play and show off to your kid :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, it definitely helps getting the right size guitar!

Welcome to the forum! From my experience, you have good 7/8 years to instill some music to your kid, but be very prepared that your kid’s music interests will be driven by her/his peers from around age 8. My daughter was exposed from her crib to (curated) mostly British rock and some pop, but all she wants to listen now is Taylor Swift. However, I would bet that at one point in her young adult life she will hear some song and think “I remember this song, it is cool, let me listen this” :smiley: We will see.
With my 3 year son, it is much harder. He was going through the house yesterday singing “We are never, ever getting back together”. My daughter already has greater influence to him. :see_no_evil:

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HI Kirincorleone
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Thanks for sharing your insight! I guess an interest in any form of music is great, right?
From what I have heard, its monkey see monkey do. So I wanna be the big monkey they see playing an instrument and hopefully they would wanna try.
Else, I would like to give them tools, so if they want to pick up an instrument at any point in their life, they don’t find themselves rhythmically challenged.