Hi there, adi_mrok here! 🤟

Hello all, my name is Adrian aka adi_mrok and I am a big follower Justin for only couple of years (almost), class of pandemic and all that!

I’m 30 years young, I play electric and acoustic and I am just having fun playing guitar with a hope to perhaps someday attend a live Open Mic event. At the moment I enjoy JG Community’s online Open Mics which I oversee rogether with David and Jason.

I love good old rock n’ roll, I love Pearl Jam, RHCP, Foo Fighters, anything Chris Cornell related and many more! Check out my youtube channel to see what I dig!


I own Eastcoast GS500, Fender CD-60-SCE, Katana 50 MK II and a little cheap Ukulele and I hope to expand my collection one day! :slight_smile:

I live in the UK, Oxfordshire to be more exact. I am happy to meet anyone to get together and jam as long as it’s not too far away! :sweat_smile:

See you out there and if you ever have any questions - feel free to ask anything!


Welcome to the new Community @adi_mrok !
See you around!

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Welcome aboard Adrian - great to have you here. :slight_smile: :grinning:

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I forgot you are so close. One of these years we should try to meet up.



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I thought you lived in Europe. :thinking:

Absolutely once your life gets a bit less hectic I am all in :slight_smile:

We’re not in 2016 anymore Maggie :joy:

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Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be any time soon. It looks like I may be working abroad again imminently.



The United Kingdom is in Europe. At least geographically speaking.



Oh yikes, hopefully you will find some time to grab a guitar and play again during your expedition :slight_smile:

:confounded: and now I need to type another 20 characters :laughing:

Um sorry, I don’t understand :blush:

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who doesn’t understand what the heck happened back then :sweat_smile:


Good to see you here, Adrian.

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Hey JWC nice for you to join the party! :slight_smile:

I seem some good taste in bands. I’ve been playing a lot of 90’s rock myself recently. I think we did exchange a few messages in the old community but Hi Adrian. Nice to meet you.


Hi Bala glad to see you here, I think when I joined in was around time when you were less active on the old forum but I am sure there will be more chances to catch up! :wink:

With your experience I am sure you can join us on Community’s Open Mic! Would be cool to have you there! :slight_smile:

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