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Background History to The Justin Guitar Community Online Open Mics

The Online Open Mics having running since early 2021 and normally take place every 6-8 weeks. The concept behind these events, are to give students of Justin Guitar, the opportunity to play in a safe environment, that is a close as possible to a “real live” Open Mic at a local venue.

Open to community members only, these events mean you are playing in front of people you know already and are likely to have interacted with, through the forum pages. They are your friends and the audiences are supportive and devoid of judgement. So, it’s fun, in fact its great fun, it’s a buzz!

You will have seen and likely posted in the Audio Or Video of You Playing area. That section allows you to record as many times as you wish, before sharing the result. Or it may include what been labelled One-Take-Whenever, where you simply record and post a single take of a song, no replays or editing, just a simple raw one-off recording.

The Open Mics are seen the next step up in your performance progress and as close to playing at a live venue as you can possibly get. They encompass all the same principles of those single take recordings but with an audience and all being well, some interaction with them. But above all else they are fun, did I say that!!

All of this may sound a little daunting but the Open Mic are open to all students, regardless of level and ability. There is absolutely no requirement to sing, you could even play along to Justin’s app if you wanted to. If all you can play is Three Little Birds, bring it on! Everyone is welcome.

These Open Mics will not only enhance playing skills but will also grow your confidence and self-belief and in the long run make you a better player. You only need to look at the comments from first time performers in the post Open Mic chats, to see how much benefit playing in these “gigs” give and the positive effect it has on the performer.

So come and join us and have some fun at the next Open Mic. If you are not quite convinced you are ready, just join the audience and get a feel for the event as it happens. That way you’ll see there is nothing to be afraid of when you make commitment to sign up.

Thank you for your support.

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