Hi there all I'm David from Sydney Australia

Born in Tasmania and was inspired by musician mates to get a guitar years ago but the learning didn’t happen even after practicing a bit with an Ernie Ball beginner guitar book. ‘Why am I not playing like Jimi H yet’ I thought and eventually pawned it when I moved to Sydney.

Skip forward a lot of years when a friend noticing my love of music loaned me his acoustic and started me off with some chords, eventually I bought one and found a professional coach at 54 years with the plan of singing and playing songs by the time I’m 60.

The following year I had a right shoulder surgery and 2 years after healing I’m trying to relearn the guitar but I’ve noticed that when I strum, my right hand shakes enough to make the strumming inaccurate. I figure there is slight nerve damage from the surgery affecting the fine motor skills of the right arm (oh how life gets in the way of our plans!) even at work as a right handed carpenter.

I decided to try left handed (I can do It Jimi and Nitsuj!) and bought a left handed guitar yesterday.

Has anyone else switched from right to left?

Cheers guys and gals.


Hey Dave, welcome to the community, good to have another Australian contributing. I started playing 10 years ago at the age of 53 and haven’t put down the guitar since. Did my first open mic singing and playing within a year, it’s such fun. Switching sounds a good plan with what you’ve described. I’ve got a left handed friend who plays a right handed guitar so no reason it can’t go the other way.

Welcome to the Community, David. Sorry to hear of the struggles and wish you well with the left-handed learning.

Hi Tony, good on you having done an open mic and playing so early in your journey. Looking forward to my lefthanded journey. Did your friend restring the guitar?


Thank you for the good wishes David.

She plays it as a right handed guitar strumming with her right hand. No restringing.

Hello and welcome David. :slight_smile:

Life sure can be … (fill in your own word) and I hope you get sorted with the left handed playing. I’m sure someone will be along soon who made the switch.

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Hi Spabondo,
Welcome to the community. Anything is possible if you want it enough and practice enough. Keep at it and you will be amazed how after a few months you will have improved. Play On!

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Hello David, a very warm welcome. It must be frustrating having to take backward steps. The only person I know who switched is Justin / Nitsuj.
Watch his progress Nitsuj Grade 1 Practice | JustinGuitar.com

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Hi and welcome David. Sorry to hear about your struggles, but its great that you haven’t given up. I look forward to hearing more about your left handed journey as you progress. Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi David, thanks. The struggles are just life but I’m so inspired by Justin having a crack at the nitsuj and
love his positive approach.

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Thanks woodnstrings, keeping at it with Justins guidance every day!

Hi Tim, I can’t go wrong now watching Justin, his teaching abilities and easygoing manner help to make the journey so much fun.

Wow, David, I tip my cap to you for being determined and tenacious enough to give that a try! Please keep us posted with progress reports.