Hi there. Just my first share here

Titles can be very misleading Right? Anyway here I am sharing my first (complete) try for the riff from wish you were here. I’m actually In grade 2 mod 8 from course and I am pretty amazed I already can do play this. It’s actually pretty bad overall(I get messy with the ups-downs in the g ) but it’s a pretty damn good try for just two months with a guitar. Im getting proud hahaha. But I know mod 9 will got me off the clouds with those f chords lol

The audio

I will appreciate any critics or advice to improve.
Ps: I am pretty bad with rythim as of yet lol


You sound really nice! I enjoyed listening through it. I don’t have any particularly helpful criticisms, as I’m only on module 10 myself.
Your rhythm doesn’t sound too bad other than when you seem to be needing some extra time to get your fingers in place. Maybe play the whole thing a bit slower so the pauses don’t stand out? Or not… sometimes the rush of trying to keep up really accelerates my learning. Either way, continue having fun!

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Thanks for the comment. You are right about me rushing a bit will slow down a bit. And yeah will have more fun certainly. I know that at the end it all’s get down to more (correctly done) practice, and practice and fun and practice :grin:

I think your self reflection is spot on. You should be extremely proud of what you have achieved. That’s not an easy riff for someone who has only been playing 2 months. Well done. I also agree with what you were saying about the rhythm. There are a few parts that are picked a bit quick and other times you paused before strumming the chords.

My advice would be to hold off on module 9 for now. 8 modules in 2 months is lot of content. It might be time to spend some time consolidating on what your have learnt.

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Thanks a lot for the advice. I will then diggest these 8 modules for a more weeks. Thanks again. :grin:

I’m about 5 months in, and feel the same way - amazing how you can progress with regular practice!

The rhythm in that riff is tricky - printing out the tab and starting out playing it very slow and at half speed (tapping my foot to every 8th note) was helpful to me. I started that way with just the foot tap and no metronome, then gradually moved up to using a slow metronome…and eventually, after practicing some 16th note strumming, finally can play it slowly, now tapping only on the quarter notes. I’ve been working on it close to 2 months now. Just take it slow and be methodical about it.

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You should be very proud of your progress :clap: you’re going great after only 2 months :+1:
My advice would be the same as greygoose above, don’t rush too much and try and take everything in and consolidate what you’re learning as you go. I myself made the mistake of being to eager to progress quickly, I would move onto new things and not really consolidate what I’d learnt. But the main thing is you’re having fun learning, which is great :v:

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Pssst whispering= the song with the chords in the App is easier… :rofl:

Actually, at 2 months that was pretty darn good. I’m at the end of module 7 in grade 1 and only playing the song with the App. I don’t think I’m ready for the intro! lol


That was pretty good for just a short time. As has been said try slowing down a bit and get it right then speed up.

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Totally recognisable.
Well played.
Sounds like you had some fans in the background enjoying it just as much. :slight_smile:


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Very good! Enjoyed. Very tough at first. Lot’s of promise here.

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Sounds really good for two month in.
Unfortunately, there’s no substitute for time and practice. You’ll have this spot on in no time.

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Well I just watched the full song lesson…and I will follow Justin advice and let that to practice at intermediate grade lol that 16th rythm is hell for me right now.
Am doing some metronome practice in the meanwhile.

Yeah. It’s a hard one. I just got hooked by the riff :upside_down_face:

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Congrats on your first AVOYP posting Willians.

That is coming along nicely and for 2 months in, very impressive.

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