Hi there! Yordi from The Netherlands

Hi there! My name is Yordi, I’m 30 years old and live in The Netherlands. I’ve been busy with Justin’s course material on and off over the last few years and recently got back into the groove. I am currently working on module 11 in grade 2.

My introduction to playing musical instruments was at the age of 13/14 when I had to choose between following an Arts- or Music-related module at school. One of the prerequisites for Music was to play an instrument, and I decided to play the electronic keyboard. For a year or two, I followed keyboard lessons, but I didn’t pursue it further until I picked up the guitar.

Next to the regular grade lessons, I follow the Music Theory course, where the built-up knowledge from the keyboard helps a lot in figuring out how things work on the guitar.

I’m curious to see where this guitar road will lead me!


Hello Yordy,
and welcome to the community :grinning:.

Having some experience with another instrument already, does definitely help when learning to play the guitar. When I was a child, I was fond of playing the recorder and attended several courses over the years - and I loved (and still love) to dance (which probably helps me with rhythm now :wink:).

I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Hi Yordi, welcome to the community. Great to meet you.

Hi Yordi,
Welcome (again),
You’ve come to the right site and you’re working on music theory here…this can only lead to a long and beautiful life playing guitar :sunglasses:…I wish you a lot of fun and hope to hear from you /to see…

Hey, welcome Yordi! Great to hear about your background. I definitely want to get into Justin’s practical music theory course as well at some point. I think not only would I like it intellectually, but also it almost certainly would help my playing, as well as if I start composing someday

Hi Yordi,

Hoe gaat het? I used to travel through the Netherlands a lot years ago. I love that place! (Ik hou van Holland if I remember it right) Welcome to the community and we are very happy to have you join the group. I highly recommend learning at least the basics of music theory through Justin’s course. It will make everything makes sense when you see the big picture of how everything fits together. In addition, knowing another instrument gives you an advantage in understanding music in general. I have been involved with Justin guitar for about 2 years now and through Justin’s methods I have made tremendous progress. You will see the same results over time! Justin’s methods have a proven track record of success in playing. Until then, enjoy the journey!

Jeff from California.

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Hey Yordi! Hope you get a lot out of the courses here and have fun! :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community Yordi. :slight_smile:

Welcome Yordi! Enjoy your stay here!
The music theory course is very helpful to get a better understanding of how everything is connected I’ve found!
I hope you have lot’s of fun exploring the guitar further!

Hello Yordi, a very warm welcome to the community. Having a background in keyboard will undoubtedly help. Enjoy the journey and shout out if you need any help.
Richard :slight_smile: