Hi this is Carroll (woodnstrings)

Hi! So happy to finally join the forum. I have already found several post that hve been of help. Have been playing since the Covid started (2 years). Practice or play almost every day. Love Justin’s lessons and his story. My guitar is one that was built by my cousin in Oklahoma. It is an OM and I love the sound of it.
I’am a furniture maker so I made him a dining table in exhange. I’am 76 and hopefully will be around long enough to master a little fingerpicking. Thanks to all who contribute. I have been on a great BMW motocycling forum for about 10 years with some great people from around the world. This site seems to be
similar. Just loving the computer. Play on!


Welcome to the community, Carroll!
You will find there are a number of well aged folks here, many who began learning in earnest about 2 years ago. What module of Justin’s lessons are you currently on?

Thanks Chase, I am on the Music Theory intro. Also trying to learn a little fingerpicking. Working up the courage to post my first video.
What is your background?

Carroll, you can go here Chase the Dream Learning Log - Community Hub / Learning Logs - JustinGuitar Community to read my Learning Log which includes a bit of background. The Learning Logs are great for getting to know a bit about others on this wondrous journey.

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Welcome to the Community, Carroll. My wife would love to meet you, also being a furniture-maker (I say so though she’d deny it). Glad to hear your experience of the Community has been so positive! Keep on keeping on and look forward to that recording soon (double encouragement now, after seeing your comment on an AVOYP post moments ago :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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Welcome Carroll! :smiley: That is so cool that you create furniture and can barter your skills. I hope you enjoy the community.

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Hey Carroll. Welcome to the community. I’m 63 and have been playing guitar for 10 years. I’ve been riding motorbikes since I was 15 and owned BMWs for the past 20 years. Started with an R80 and ended up with my favourite, a 72 R75/5. Fingerpicking has always been my passion, it’s such fun.

Hi Carroll, a very warm welcome to the community.
Learning and playing on a custom made hand-built instrument must be a fine pleasure. There’s so much to learn here and you’ve come to the right place. Cheers Richard :slight_smile:

Hello Carroll and welcome. :slight_smile:

A handmade guitar, how lovely.

Thanks for the welcome and I would love to see your wife’s woodworking.
Hope to make that video soon. Play on! :+1:

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Thanks Tony, Looks like I will have to live quite a bit longer to catch you.
So if the good Lord is willing and the creek don’t rise I will keep at it.
Where is your home? I like to travel so one day I might be in your area.
Play on!

Thanks Richard, I actually started learning on a cheap $100 guitar I borrowed from my daughter. She started but couldn’t keep up having a 4 and 6 year old.
That guitar was terrible but I didn’t realize it until I started playing quality guitars at the Guitar Center. Then a friend of mine gave me an Epiphone guitar he had bought for his son and the son never used it. It was a step up from the first one but still not the quality of my cousins custom. I got the really beautiful one from my cousin after about a year of playing and was so happy with it. I really sounds as good as it looks. Yes I think I will be on this forum quite often. I made so many friends on the BMW forum and now I can see that I will do the same here. :+1: :heart: Play on!


At the moment our home is on the road full time in our RV caravan / camping trailer. We live in Australia so are doing what’s called the big lap, circumnavigating the continent. Our home is in the northern part of New South Wales.

Welcome to the Community Carroll.

You’ll be pleased to know there are a few bikers lurking arounds these corridors as well. And yes there is a very similar feeling of camaraderie here, that you find in the bike world. So hey what’s not too like. And as to your age ? My old motto is coined from Jethro Tull, “Your Never Too Old Too Rock and Roll” so keep learning and practicing to make your dreams come true.



Here’s a chess table she made, Carroll.

Please post pictures of your custom guitar

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Wow! Impressive. She is definitely a woodworker.

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Hi Toby! Thanks for the welcome and the encouragement. Play on.

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I have several “friends” from your part of the world on BMW forum. And now I have a few “guitar” friends as well. I’am in Laplace, Louisiana, about 20 minutes from New Orleans so we may not be running into each other on the road. LOL.
but I will be seeing you on this forum. Thanks. Play on!

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