Hi to everyone , Matthew from Staffordshire - anyone interested in buddying up for a beginners jam?

Just thought I’d say hello to everyone out there and see if anyone around the the Stafford area was looking for in Justin’s words a “Jam buddy” - I’ve been learning to play acoustic for a year or so and can bash our some basic songs but feel it would be nice to have a go playing along with someone else and see if that helps us both progress to better things ? I have a wide taste in music.

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hi matthew,
I’m also looking for a jam buddy, distance depends on how you look at it… Nijkerk holland …is that far for you,…helicopter, private jet,boat… I have friends and family who find australia or Canada normal while living here now in my town or adjacent…so???..i love more music than i can ever learn to play…
I wish you a lot of fun and someone will come to jam with you, although you have to teach them to play yourself :grin: :sunglasses:
Greetings ,Rogier

Hi Roger - Tuesday evening ok with you ??? I’ll pop over -? enjoy your guitar journey, I am , best wishes , Matthew!

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@Mabe I’m Nantwich so not a million miles away… Are you actually in Stafford?

H there - yep I’m in Stafford !

Probably a little too far unfortunately. Best of luck in your search and learning journey!

Hi Matthew! I’m in Staffordshire too … Cannock area, so not to far away, but time is limited. Plus I’m a complete beginner on Guitar, so jamming may be beyond my skill set at this point in time.