Hi to everyone , Matthew from Staffordshire - I'm an ancient 58 ! but in my head around 22 :)

Just thought I’d say hello to everyone out there and see if anyone around the the Stafford area was looking for in Justin’s words a “Jam buddy” - I’ve been learning to play acoustic for a year or so and can bash our some basic songs but feel it would be nice to have a go playing along with someone else and see if that helps us both progress to better things ? I have a wide taste in music.


Good to meet you here, Matthew. Hope you find that Jam Buddy. Perhaps also post a request in the #social:meeting-place sub-category.

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Welcome to the forum Matthew,

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Hi Matthew from another newbie to the community.

I am also currently looking for a Jam buddy, but as I am in Norfolk, I am a little bit too far away from you.

Thanks for the welcome, yes a little too far - but know the journey well , my daughter lives in Norwich and we love visiting her and the fabulous coastline you have .

Hello Matthew and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your jam buddy search.

Hi Matthew

Another whipper snapper. Head age of 22 is good, make you a year older than me ! Hope you find a buddy, UK’s a small island.