Hide Away [2/2] by Freddie King Lesson

Learn to play Hide Away [2/3] by Freddie King on JustinGuitar!

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Will part 3 ever be released? I really like this song!

Agreed. Great song. Can’t wait for the last part.

I think it’s a typo. Part 1 is 1/2 suggesting there are 2 lessons and lesson two says 2/2 right on the video.
@Richard_close2u can you fix the Thread title and the Lesson title

How to play by Hide Away by Freddie King | Blues Guitar Lesson #2of2 - YouTube

OK maybe it’s me but I can’t see in Preview any lesson in Grade 6 listing songs for that grade. Are they buried in the videos’ content or are we supposed to look here in the Community for the songs:

Song Lessons (Song Lessons - JustinGuitar Community)Grade 6 Songs?

Indeed, however in the video itself, Justin mentions near the end that there is a 3rd part coming.


Grade 6 is a series of modules for blues, funk and jazz. I don’t think Justin recommends specific songs to go with the different modules. However, if you go to the Songs page, you can filter on “Difficulty level” and find all the songs that are judged to be at Grade 6 level. This includes songs of all genres, not just blues, funk and jazz. You can also filter on genre, as well. Right now, I find 23 songs at Grade 6 level that are either blues, funk or jazz songs.

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Thanks that’s really cool. Had not found that but now I have, I can find and list all the songs I want to do as I move through the grades. That includes Hideaway.

@Svego @Artburke @stitch @jjw
Lesson 3 may never come …
I have edited the titles etc. so they show as 1/2 and 2/2 for the moment.

Freddie live in Paris. Two BBKing and an Elmore James cover at the end.

Astonishing how far Freddie gets his thumb over the fretboard…but he is a big chap.