Hiroma Tsukamoto

On Sunday Oct 22, 2023 I’ll be at a guitar workshop conducted by Hiro in the north Georgia mountains of USA near Cleveland GA. Look him up on YouTube! He is all fingers; no pick… Not sure what I’ll hear or discover but, like everyone following Justin, I will have an open mind and expect to learn something great. Hopefully I will post a new song with a feel different from my usual. Anyone know of Hiroma Tsukamoto???


Interesting, I will spend some time listening to him. Thanks for the suggestion.it should be really a fun workshop!

Link to Amazon music, if you have that.

Hiroya Tsukamoto, I assume.


Wow! That sounds amazing!
Have fun! :smiley:
Hadn’t heard of him before but love this :point_down:t2:

Look forward to hearing your new song :slight_smile: