Hitchhiking philosophy

James shared a link which distracted me from yet another productive practice session
I loved Douglas Adam’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a teenager and tried to listen to all the episodes on the BBC World Service in the late 70s :smiley:
It was impossible to explain to my Swiss friends why it was clever, hilarious, deep and surreal all at once.
They thought I was simply strange… :roll_eyes:
I found it on YouTube and had to laugh as the human history is summarised in 90 seconds :rofl:


I too am a fan, Brian. In addition to what you said, there is more than a little satire thrown in for good measure. Douglas Adams was an interesting character.

Dare I say, hijacking again, that I usually think about Terry Pratchett whenever thinking about Douglas Adams and Hitchhikers Guide.

And I do get a small kick out of the fact that I lived in Rickmansworth before the family emigrated to South Africa :grin:

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The Dirk Gently books are also excellent, same author.


He was lost far too soon, I wish he’d had time to write more (though I know he was challenged by writing)

Ah, that takes me back! I listened to cassette recordings sent from British friends to my dad back then. Marvelous even on this side of the pond we should never have left in the first place.

I still have the cassettes, I think, but nothing to play them on and they probably have degraded by now. Fortunately I also have a CD version of the original radio show. Just for posterity.


Thank you Brian for bringing some Saturday sanity to this crazy world.

Loved HHGTTG, so I am really surprised I’ve never done a deep dive download of it all oh dear not again :rabbit2: :hole: aaarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I have 60gb of Goon Shows (radio) :crazy_face: for when life gets too much !



When I ask for a google drive link to that, do me a favour and save me from myself :rofl:


You can’t get the wood you know :rofl:

Yes - a fan also.

My favourite pick-up / put-down laugh when reading were The Meaning Of Liff books by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd.


My father grew up on The Goon Show. He properly educated his sons playing vinyl records of The Goons.

His comedy collection also included Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Do love a bit of Dud and Pete.

We returned the favour by adding in Monty Python.


I’ve recently started to read the “trilogy” (I only read the 1st part a long time ago) and it feels both extremely funny and wise at the same time. I like how easy it is to relate nitpicking bureaucracy, machines and “apps” that never do what they are supposed to do, and the prevalence of improbability fields to everyday life. It’s like a collection of parables, only a little more irreverent and freewheeling than the ones you can find in the Bible.

I was mildly surprised to realize that the guide that Ford keeps with himself is basically a smartphone as we know it today. Also the various computers and AIs with their own “genuine people personalities”. Talk about predicting the future.

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If memory serves the original broadcast also used the actual Eagles track for the intro. One wonders if Mr Henley would allow the use of it today.

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Journey of the Sorcerer on YT:
“Out of my top 100 Eagles tunes, this is definitely 42!” :rofl:


To my ears the track always suited ‘Hitchiker’ more than any Eagles album.


Mr Henley don’t allow the use of jack sh*t, I know a couple of YouTube reactors who have posted a couple of reactions to Eagles songs, had a copyright infringement notice from YouTube, appealed and allowed to post them only to have copyright strikes against them at a later date by My Henley and had to a) pay back anything they had earned and b) in one case where was more than 3 instances have their channel taken down so all of their data was gone and in some cases their source of income lost.