Hitting A Wall

I wouldn’t normally bother with posts such as this and don’t have a learning log to post it in, but in this case I thought I would share it because I am pretty sure that many before and certainly many after will get to a point (or several) where they “hit a wall” and disappear beneath a veil of “how the hell am I going to understand AND retain all this for practical purposes”.

Recently I have been working through PMT 4.1, Grade 2 Mod 8 and some Ear Training. In the last 3 weeks I found that I just wasn’t understanding the new material that I was trying to learn and that very quickly led down a very dark bottomless hole where I couldn’t understand how I was going to progress and maybe this is all I am destined to achieve with a guitar :grimacing:

So, today I thought to put all that behind me, pick up my folder of Campfire Songs and just play and sing and enjoy it. I also haven’t used the Loop Pedal for some time so I fired that up and played around with some loops and playing over some loops in a basic way which was also great fun and very enjoyable. Along the way I listened and thought about what I was doing and how much better it was now than back when :thinking: :+1:

4 hours later I had thoroughly enjoyed myself, my fingers were sore and I was thinking more about the road behind me rather than the road in front :+1:

I only decided to share this because if it helps just one person up out of that dark hole in their guitar journey then I’m happy :+1:

Happy New Year to Everyone :beers:


There will be many plateaus on this journey.
Always look back to see how far you have come.
Take each crest and rise of the mountain and celebrate it.
In guitar land the peak is just a myth, its a non stop climb.
There will always something to learn.