Hiya All - I'm Aaron here from Jersey in the Channel Islands (UK)

Aaron here from Jersey Chanel Islands (UK)

Really enjoying getting ready for the course so far and can’t wait to knuckle down and make some progress :slight_smile:


Hi Aaron,
you pick it up quickly :grin: ,
Again welcome and I wish you a great
steep learning curve time and above all a lot of fun :sunglasses:



Welcome aboard, Aaron! :slight_smile:

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Hi Aaron, welcome to the community and now you’re here we can all “make some progress” together. :grinning:


Hi Aaron, welcome to the community forum.

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Welcome to the forum Aaron

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Hey Aaron, welcome to the Community, much to keep you occupied here so don’t forget practice time :wink:
Look forward to hearing more about you and your journey.
:+1: :heartbeat: :guitar:

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Hey Aaron
welcome aboard

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Welcome Aaron. you found a great place to learn. If you look due south, I’ll be 8 miles below Mont St Michel. :sunglasses:

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Hi Aaron & Welcome!!!
Have lots of fun with your guitar!!!

Tod from New Mexico USA

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Welcome, Aaron!

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Hi Aaron
Welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face: :sunflower:

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Thank all for the Welcome :smiley:

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Welcome to the community Aaron!

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Not too old a dog I hope, but at 48 picked up a guitar and trying to learn using Justin’s fantastic course.

I’ve found that I’ve got a great ear for strumming and can pretty much play any strumming pattern after hearing it only a couple of times.
I can play all of the standard chords at about 40 changes per minute. (F is obvs a challenge and takes me 10 seconds to so to set myself for it so some work needed here).

I’ve been playing for three hours per day for around 7 weeks and can play a few Oasis tracks, wish you were here (but not the guitar solo because I can’t bend the strings at all) and a few rifts.

I’m learning fairly quickly but the one main thing which eludes me is singing whilst playing.

I can play Talk Tonight by Oasis literally with my eyes closed.
I can strum a basic beat whilst changing cords and singing it or I can play the the full song without singing.

But the second I strum the actual pattern and start singing it all goes to pot.
Very frustrating.

Really hoping it will just come with practice.
Just cannot get my head around it at all.

Hoping to go right through the entire course because it’s been fairly life changing and so enjoyable - bar the singing frustrations.
Kudos to Justin and the team for such an incredible resource!


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:wave: Welcome Aaron.


You’re in good company :smiley:

Welcome to the community James!

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Hiya and welcome :smiley:

Welcome aboard!