Hmm, Heritage needing a new tuner

A little miffed at this considering the cost but I guess it does happen.

The chrome is peeling and a bushing ring is split.

I’ve already spoken and booked with Andertons.

Should I try to get the bush into place or not use it for now. ?

On a brand new Heritage brand guitar?
That is shocking.
That should be fixed gratis.

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yes, 3 month, I was doing a string change and clean and it didn’t feel right. :frowning:

Bummer said Dougal.


That is disappointing Rachael. Just shouldn’t happen on a high end guitar.
Sounds like your dealer is gonna fix ya up though.
At least this happened in your warranty time frame.

It could be worse.

I’ve only bought 2 new guitars. One is a acoustic 12 string I got in '76 that just keeps on ticking. Never had any issue with it.
The other is a electric I got 3 years ago. I think it’s warranty time was a year. Now, I’m likely in need of a new 3 way switch as it’s cutting out when I’m on the neck pickup. This will be on my dime and my time. 3 years don’t seem like a particularly long time for a switch to live and I didn’t think I’d be needing to fix anything 3 years in.
As they say, s**t happens, I guess…

Things that are man made, fail eventually…
Ya’d just think that it wouldn’t happen to a high end instrument.

Get’er fixed on their dime and move fwd. I’m sure all will be well in the end. It does suck that ya gotta be w/o your new love right away though.
Hang in there!

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Oh Rachel!
So sorry this happened to your new baby… :baby:
Although, even the healthiest of babies sometimes get a cold or a fever or chicken pox or, or, or…

Let’s stay positive… yes, it’s a disappointment - but it’s a fairly minor issue that will be easily fixed & will only cost you some time.

As far as playing it, if it’s staying in tune, I’d think that it’ll be ok to play until it goes in for surgery :hospital:!


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So, good news, Heritage have sent a full set for me. Off to Andertons in the morning and they’ll replace that one and give me the rest.

:guitar: :grin:



Shit happens to any company, its how they deal with the problems that matter.


That’s good, replaced the damaged tuner. I got a full set of tuners which was a nice surprise but, I also got a full set of strings too for having to travel. Simple but appreciated.

Thanks to Andertons.

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Cool that this issue is working out for you Rachel.

imho, Andertons is doing what they are supposed to do. Stand behind the product they sold you.
It is also real good they are going above board and putting you onto a set of strings. However imho, it’s the least they could do as to replace your tuner, you were gonna have to remove the string. When I change ‘a’ string, I change all the strings. So, imho, strings should come with the tuner as ya already had changed strings which is what got the issue to show up in the first place. Good that they put you onto 5 extra tuners though. Perhaps they’re just covering the bases since ya already had issue with the existing tuners though. A good move from Heritage I think.

Hopefully this restores your faith in your Heritage guitar.

Beside, I would venture a guess that a set of strings cost less for them than it did for you to take time out of your day and travel to go get your ‘new’ guitar fixed.

fwiw, my (bought it used) supro amp handle broke a couple years ago. My dealer got a new one in inside of a week and there was no charge to me as the dealer said there was no charge from supro to them. I thought this was above what they could have done (especially for me buying the amp used) for me, but it still did cost me time and travel to get the new handle and I had to install myself. But it did make me feel good about my local dealer (Dietze Music House) and Supro.
There still are some good companies out there, but they seem to getting further and further out there as to finding them.

Happy for you.
Back to making music… :slight_smile:

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