Hoe to create Banner picture in profile

Hi not sure if this question is in the right place.
I notice that some people have a banner Picture over there Profile. This Picture is also sometimes different to the avatar picture. Some people also have a short BIO in there profile. I know how to change the avatar but not how to create a banner or add a short BIO. Is there a description somewhere of how to do this.

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Click on your avatar in the too right corner if forum, click on the head and sholders icon, click preferences, click profil. Fill out Bio, upload picture to Header, save changes.


Hi Rick
Thanks for the info. When I follow this I only see a possibility to add or change a Profile Picture which I have already done. I see no possibilty to add a banner picture or BIO. Maybe not everybody has the possibility to do this. Very few People have BIO info or a banner picture here. Below is a picture of what I see when I click on the head and shoulders icon and preferences

Are you doing this on a phone? On my tablet and computer I have all the options. Never tried it on a phone.
On the main website the whole menu doesn’t show on phones. Might be the same problem on the forum

That screen shot looks like from the main website rather than forum website. I’m on phone and if I select preferences > profile it gives options for profile header etc.

Hi James and Rick
I am using a PC and also tried all main Browsers Edge firefox Chrome I can never see options for profile header who would i contact to change this

@Will_E_Vander That does look like the profile page on the main website. Try clicking on your profile picture in this tread, it will bring up a bigger profile picture, click on that picture then Preferences Don’t click the big Edit My Information, to the left there should be a profile tab under Account and Security click that one.
The fastest way to get help is to let the moderators know @LievenDV @DavidP @Richard_close2u

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Hi @Will_E_Vander
I hope this works.

Click on your Avatar.

Then click on this icon.

Click on Preferences.

Click on Profile.

Scroll down.

Type your Bio in the About Me pane.

Upload an image to the Profile Header or User Card Background (I forget which at the moment without testing).


Thanks everybody for the tips, I finally managed to update the profile