Holding the guitar with long arms and big fingers

I have been using Justin Guitar for just over 9 months now and I think I am doing ok for my age.

The thing that bothers me is holding the guitar. I can hit the basic it cords like C and D with no problem they ring out clean. It’s when I try to do finger picking that I tend to miss some of the notes because my fingers.

I have watch many videos on holding the guitar and they all seem to be the same is there anything I am missing?

I love learning the guitar wanted to do it from a young age but work and family got in the way.
Any tips on holding the Guitar with big hands would grateful.

Justins Guitar is the best site I have found tried some of the others out their but this one is 100% the best.

IMO you want to go watch an learn form Justin Johnston for that. He has huge hands , uses his thumb a lot , great teacher.

Nine months sounds like a long time, but it really isn’t when it comes to guitar. It sounds like you just need more practice. Focus on what you’re not good at, slow it down to a snail’s pace, and build it up gradually. It’ll come.

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Some experimenting with ways to break some of the “rules” in a way that takes advantage of your finger size. I used the play the A chord the way justin teaches, a finger on the G, another on the D and one on the B string… Now I play it like a mini barre chord where my single index finger goes flat across the D G and B strings. Yet my friend with large fingers plays it with one finger on the D string and a 2nd finger that goes across the G and B strings.

Why am I telling you this? To illustrate there are more than one ways to do so very many things on the guitar and hopefully you try maybe the A chord the way my big fingered friend does.

Also watch some of the Afro Americans playing blues guitar with what looks like massive fingers. when you hear what they do you realize finger size doesn’t matter, might take some adjusting but that’s it. :slight_smile:


BB had huge hands, and the most delicate touch

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