Holiday Season Acquisitions

Over the holidays, I traveled down to hang out with my folks in Florida for a couple of weeks (they’re in their 70’s). I traveled with my guitar and practiced daily (just playing songs out of the app and doing chord changes). My folks were not horrified by my playing (a year and two months experience at that point); I’ll leave it at that, heh. Anyway, my mother went rummaging around in her music stash (she and her side of the family have always been into organs/keyboards) and gifted me with this little gem:

She had a whole stack of these music magazines, but only this one specifically had guitar chords in it. There’s some good stuff in it; however, it’ll be awhile before I’m capable of playing that stuff. It’s in the cards though. :slight_smile: The pricing mentioned in the magazine is great!


I was cleaning out some old stuff in storage not long ago & came across some old magazines I had stored & forgotten… the prices in the ads… most things were soooooo much cheaper I was blown away!!!
Some of the others though… $17,000 for a Sony plasma TV that was quite a bit smaller than the TVs out there now which are under $800!
Unfortunately, I didn’t run across anything music related… like a Gibson or Fender or anything… :pensive: