Holidays with my guitar

I’ve just been to Croatia for a week and as we went by car, it was possible to take my acoustic with me. And I was so happy I did it, as the most joyful moments of my holidays were those, when I was sitting close to the sea in the evening and was playing guitar. Beautiful memories :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

One evening, my honey took some pics of me, which I like to share with you :blush:.

Maybe you have similar holiday memories you’d like to share with the community :slightly_smiling_face: ?


Beautiful pictures :slightly_smiling_face: I agree so much. There is something magical about the combination of the sea and music :heart:


Hi Nicole, nice pictures! I never could take my guitar with me. With our dog and all the various equipment for outdoor sports, our car is fully loaded. My hubby would get laughing attacs, if I’d plan to take my guitar with me. So it will sadly sit in the music room :wink:.


Surely there’s no better time and place to have some fun with the guitar, wow! Did you pull out this one then? :wink:


Oh wow! looks like an awesome holiday! Gorgeous pics!
I agree, the sea and music are both magical and an amazing combination! :sparkles: :sparkles:


This looks so nice and relaxing! Enjoy!!

Just the guitar, or also the amp, the pedals, cables, the PA, floor monitors, microfones, and the video equipment? :grin:


I’m currently on a cruise ship headed to Iceland. I always bring my travel guitar on our trips and it gets a fair bit of time on the days at sea. One of the other guests said she’d be my first groupie :star_struck:


Great pics Nicole. You look so happy. :smiley:


I see you ladies going like this…2 in one right Andrea? :sunglasses:

Neuroplastic Learning 2.0


OH YES! That would be fun! :heart_eyes:


Well, have fun then :slightly_smiling_face: If journeys ona cruise ship to Iceland are anything like the entertainment to be encountered on ferries between Finland and Sweden :wink:


There absolutely is :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. And interestingly, I noticed that the rhythmic movement of the waves helped me to stay concentrated quite easily.

Well, it was also bit of a challenge to get everything into the car. Finally, the guitar got the seat between the kids. A solution, that turned out to be quite useful for my youngest :sweat_smile:.

This song actually came to my mind. But without being able to do the whisteling part, too, it doesn’t sound right :wink:.

Enjoy your trip, and congrats on your first groupie :smiley:.


Same here. It’s the size of a medium backpack.

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Here’s 3 travel shots while we did the big lap, easier taking a guitar when you are towing a good sized caravan / camping trailer

First is open mic I did at a lovely resort town called Bermagui


Next is from a tiny seaside hamlet called Windy Harbour on the southern coast of West Australia, that’s the Southern Ocean


Last one is taken at the Ghan in the Northern Territory, right in the middle of the outback, not too far from Uluru. The flies are crazy bad there, hence the netting hat.



Oh, I love your pictures, Tony @tony :smiley:. Fantastic, that you had your guitar with you while being on tour. And even playing at an OM :star_struck:.

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@NicoleKKB - Thanks. I’ve done nearly 100 open mics now and that one was one of the very best. I’m used to being what I call wallpaper at a pub or similar venue doing an open mic where the setup is in the corner and quite inconsequential.

This restaurant was totally different. The whole focus of everyone there, patrons and staff was on the musicians. It was such a privilege and a buzz to perform there. The restaurant is owned by a local muso and she got up and jammed for ages.


Wow Nicole great pics. That is so Zen ! Got me thinking next time I head to the coast, chuck an acoustic in the car !! Hope you had a great holiday, looks so tranquil. :sunglasses:


How cool, Nicole!! Great pics, looked like an amazing spot! :camera_flash: :star_struck: I was lucky enough to visit Dubrovnik in 2015 and then go through the Croatian islands on boat over a week or so for my sister’s wedding and post-celebrations. Just an incredible part of the world! Would love to go back some time. I hope your holiday was just as fabulous! :sun_with_face: :desert_island: :champagne: :partying_face:

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Oh yes, Jeff @nzmetal Croatia is beautiful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I was in Dubrovnik once with my parents when I was a child - before the Balkan war. Now with my own children, I normally travel to Istria (the northern part of Croatia). I try to make it once a year. So hopefully, I’ll be there again in 2024 :blush:.

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That poor guitar :see_no_evil: