Hollow Body Guitars

Can anyone recommend an electric HB that has a thin neck profile? Have only found semi-hb’s with thin necks. For example, PRS HB’s only come in wide profiles.

I don’t know what ya consider ‘thin’.

But I’ll surly recommend a Epiphone Casino.

Don’t know how thick the neck is but I’d call it a flatter c shape. Nut is 1 5/8’’ (measured it again, it’s a bit wider @ 1 21/32’’ or 42.07mm).
I find it particularly playable myself.
Plus as a side bonus. Casinos have p90 pickups. imho, a real tone monster.
I just can’t say how much I’ve liked mine.
Added bonus, their cheap(er).

Hope ya find what yer wanting.


Look at the neck specs. “wide” tells you nothing. Look at measurements at the nut and at some fret to get good comparisons. You might also want to get information on the depth of the neck.

for instance:

PRS Tremonti SE NECK
Number of Frets 22
Scale Length 25"
Neck Wood Maple
Neck Shape Wide Thin
Fretboard Wood Rosewood
Fretboard Inlay Birds

Scale : 637mm (25.1 in)
Nut Width 42.86mm (1.6875 in)
22nd Fret Width 56.57mm (2.23 in)
1st Fret Thickness 21.46mm (0.845 in)
12th Fret Thickness 23.55mm (0.927 in)
Radius : 267mm (10.5 in)

while my “thin fast” Ibanez is:

Scale : 648mm
a : Width 43mm at NUT
b : Width 58mm at 24F
c : Thickness 19mm at 1F
d : Thickness 21mm at 12F
Radius : 400mmR


The Ibanez is somewhat cramped at times, yet wider than my PRS. I can play either and only have a preference based on how I feel a particular day.

In the end, you want to understand how the measurement compares to your preference when playing. That is where you need to be looking as an initial estimate.


What genre of music are you thinking of playing with a hollow body Dennis?
I have a D’Angelico Excel 59 hollow body with P90 pickups that rocks!!! :rock:
D’Angelico also make a Jazz variant of that guitar with a single floating mini-humbucker that looks really nice & sounds great in their demo videos… I personally love their instruments! Really well made & they sound phenomenal!!!
Food for thought…



Premier EXL-1.


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Thanks for all the responses.

I have a PRS CE24 which fits me fine. (The only acoustic I prefer is the Taylor). I think it has most to do with the depth of the neck. I have small hands and the space of the “curve” between my thumb and first finger is narrow.

The PRS HB is 3/64" thicker. Can’t always find a guitar to try out. Don’t know if 3/64" makes a difference or not, but I really wouldn’t want a neck that is deeper than what I have.

Interested in the HB as I prefer clean tones and like blues. Not worried about feedback as I won’t be using mics.

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I’d consider 3/64 significant enough to examine. My comparison above has a 5/64 difference in depth but then you get half that back with nut width. Since the roundness of the back is different it really comes down to how it feels when you wrap your hand around the neck and feel where strings are landing under fingers, especially the harder chords for you to reach.

In my Ibanez, I have one that is hard to reach because I really need to bunch up my hand and it often doesn’t get that tight. On the PRS, I have another that is opposite, where I want finger 4 on the E and it just doesn’t want to go there given where finger 1 is.

If you struggle with something you should test it out before buying. I went to my local store before buying an odd neck shape. Loved it immediately, then bought online the model I wanted. It was the only way to not risk a bad purchase.

You should consider supporting your local merchant and buy from them instead of just trying their guitars and buying elsewhere.

It’s nice having a local guitar store to go to, isn’t it?


Oh yes, you need somewhere to buy your strings (in an emergency… you can still get them cheaper online). They must make a few dollars profit on that.

if they actually have what I want, and if the price isn’t gouging, I do.

I have learned that my local Guitar Center will sell used guitars as new. My PRS was clearly used, sold as new, and I didn’t know how to look for it as a new player - the Tremonti-branded pickups were swapped out for something else. That is cheating customers. I won’t use them for anything other than strings and testing stuff now. I did return it within their 45-day window, and it was back on the wall as new a month later. Couldn’t even register it since it was used… They earned a good deal of ill repute that sale.

My local used store is a good place to try stuff out. his gear is not usually what I want, but I do get a chance to see things that are not in the Git Center. I have bought some sundry items from him at pretty fair prices. I plan to see what he has for amps again in a few months.

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I have an Ibanez AS113 and the neck is awesome. I can switch back and forth with a strat and it feels the same except for the finish