Home - Christmas Cover by LBro, pkboo3 & oldhead49

Pam, Oldhead49 and I collaborated on this last year, but did not get it done until after Christmas. So I would like to post it again in the new Community as we are on time this year… LOL

This is a song put together and done by Blake Shelton and Michael Buble. I hope you enjoy it during this festive season!

For your Christmas Rock enjoyment,


I remember when you posted this song, the first time I’d heard it as a Christmas song. The reworked lyrics are lovely, and the 3 of you have done a marvellous cover. Love the video too. Merry Christmas!

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Yes I rember this one too, fabulous job and great to hear it again, this time just before Christmas! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: keep on rocking LBro and all!

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A timely and enjoyable piece; thanks for posting it, again. Very cool that it’s a collaboration. :slight_smile:

Great to see and hear this again, still think it has a Skynyrd undertone and I ain’t complaining and the video is timeless. Nice resurrection LBro, Pam and Dave. Merry Xmas Peeps :sunglasses:

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Hey LBro, thanks for re-posting.
I don’t know how I missed this the first time around.
Great all-round production. Special tip of the hat to Pam for her vocals- One day I’m gonna work with that lady :smiley:
I was half-hoping/expecting to hear Oldhead’s booming baritone to launch into the chorus, but that might have been a bridge too far.
Vibes to you all :wink:
(why is this West Coast if OH is involved?)

Hi Mari,
Thanks for the listen and nice comments. I think the lyrics redo were by Blake. They seem a natural for this song. Pretty sure this song was on his Christmas album, but don’t quote me on that one! On the video, it was a fortunae YT video find and I uh, borrowed it!
Keep rock’n,

Hi Adi,
Rock we have and will my friend!

Hi John,
Had to be a collaboration on this one as it was a duet! Pam was simply great on her vox in this one!
:evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:

Hi Toby,
Boy, not sure I hear Skynyrd in this one… But if you think, so be it! :wink:
Rock around the tree!

Brian, You missed it in round 1? Shame on you. I guess you could say you were tending to the Inn? :grinning:

Pam did a great job - she will dress up any collab, so sign her up if you can!

OH, per his request was just a “session guitarist”. I don’t think he would have been into the vox part. I agree that his voice would have been nice, but then it is a duet.

I saw and flashed on the “West Coast” studios too. Even Pam is not on the WC. I either on my part had a brain fart and that is likely. Or I was thrown by OH’s desire to be low key… That still does not explain how I did not pick up on Pam’s location. I take the 5th on this one so to speak!
Keep rock’n,

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The intro reminds me of some of their 90s stuff, not the pre 77 line up. But hey cares, its all good ! :sunglasses:

Thanks for reposting this - it’s beautifully done.
Love the video too - beautiful scenery.


Another great memory and production. Thanks for the repost, LBro.

There sure is a whole lot of good music made and shared here in the JustinGuitar Community.

The three of you sound so good together LB and you mix up a tasty treat.

Now that you mention the intro, I can sort of hear what you are saying. Good find!

Hi Tom,
Glad you took this in and liked it. Thanks for the kind comments!

Hi David,
Glad you like this one, seems timely for this close to Christmas!

Thanks Bat Woman! Glad it pleased your ears!

What a nice memory. I enjoyed collaborating with the two of you. And thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner, @brianlarsen , & @LBro for your nice comments.

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Ah yes, another great collaboration and track from last year. I remember it well. Great share. :+1:

Hi Pam,
Yep, I think this one came out pretty good. I really like the song Blake altered. Sure has a Christmas feel to it! Thanks for agreeing to do the collab on this one and happy holiday to you!

Rock that new guitar!

Hi Clint,
I would not have put this up if we had got the song done in time for Christmas last year. But I figured we were late last Christmas and early for this one! LOL

Keep on rock’n,

Oh wow that’s amazing, I love seing forum collaborations! Fantastic job you guys, where’s the good vibes button :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: great production as usual!

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Thanks SS7!
I have that “good vibes” button right here. My wallet is always open to inbound dollars!

Keep up the rock’n ways,