Honky Tonk Women - a 5 string take

Well, it has been a while since I recorded something and I spent the time learning new things and tried to record Honky Tonk Women (tried, failed, tried, failed a bit, tried again, and took the 3rd take). Took a while to learn the rhythm guitar. I play it over a backing track (not original voice) but it’s good practice to keep in time. Not perfect and couldn’t quite get the sound of Keith’s Tele. Well, feedback much appreciated and you might have some tips on recording as well.


Cheers and happy holidays to everyone.



Hi Eric and welcome to the Commuinty AVOYP section.
Playing some groovy Keef goodness will certainly stretch your rhythm chops as he plays so loose yet so in the pocket. You’re doing fine.

True, it sounds easy when he plays it. I gotta work on the relaxed part now (eggnog might help)! Cheers

Welcome to AVoYP. That was really good Eric. I think you caught Keef’s sound pretty well.

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Welcome Eric!
Good job on this… I thought the tone was acceptable for sure. Nice mix as it was easy to pick you out and that does not always happen.
Keep rock’n,

You didn’t pick an easy one! Keith is a rhythm master: very laid back but right in the groove. You’re well on your way, though. Good job!

Superb, Eric, as one of the Community’s big Stones and Keef fans I loved this.

I think you are doing ever so well, got the vibe through your rhythm and tone.

Welcome Eric. Good to have you here.

Such a great rocking tune, love to hear this one covered. I think you have a good sound on this, a bit more practice and you’ll have it all right on.

I so much agree with Richard on this comment, and this song is a perfect example. I play a drop D version of this song, but I really should learn the original, you’ve totally got the vibe going.