Hope for us all!

I know that at any time these musical geniuses could have launched into something that none of us could ever hope for, but ……


On the other hand ….


Is it irony that today is Clapton’s birthday, or is that what started this festival?

Pfff! Showponies! They"ll never amount to anything…:wink:


Lovely, lovely, lovely!!!

What a groove, vibe and feeling. I can listen to this all day long. Solos that are so melodic, expressive.

JJ Cale … what a legend

Throw Doyle Bramhall and Derek Trucks in the mix … what a treat.

Thanks Gordon

they must have all taken Justin’s strumming course….arm strumming ,foot tapping on all 4 ……looks like dancing. :laughing::laughing::laughing:. never would have noticed if i hadn’t been watching strumming lessons.



Thanks for sharing made my wet cold Friday :love_you_gesture: :+1:

Foot tapping from beat 1 here!! Nice share Gordon!

Hmmm. Wonder if they’re still doing their finger stretches. Well Eric anyway. Rest peacefully John

Watching guys like these two really makes you dread quitting decades ago. That was brilliant

Gordon @sairfingers

Don’t you just hate coincidences, at about the time you posted this yesterday I was printing off the chords for “Call me the breeze” a song we are proposing to do at the Guitar Club summer concert.

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That brightened up a dreary Friday, thanks.

Very nice! Thank you!!