Hotel California 2nd (or 3rd) video here

Probably way overdone but a fun song to play. That’s often stated but this song really is fun to play.

I built this room in my basement. Works out well getting away from folks while I play the guitar. Like my ceiling?

I know of some issues (not letting strings ring out well enough for one), still having struggles with recording and all that goes that goes with it. I can play this song much better when not recording. But trying to get used to it.

Hope someone can enjoy.

IMG 0083 (


Nice job! So difficult to sing and play at the same time, I’ve yet been brave enough to film my attempts.

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Great job on the song. I’ve played this one a time or two. Always fun. It’s probably good you didn’t name it on you tube. Don Henley filed a copyright claim against me for playing the heart of the matter last summer. I was just playing for fun and to learn. Anyways thanks for sharing your take on this timeless song.


I enjoyed you having fun playing this classic, Mike. I think this may be the best quality recording you’ve shared, both the visual and the general quality of the audio. Keep them coming like this.

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Ooooh… I wish I had such a room :slightly_smiling_face: Flavourful cover of an iconic song. I especially enjoyed the spoken part towards the end :notes:

I did notice some issues though - and please take this with big grain of salt, since my knowledge of and my at skills at playing guitar are very limited:

The sound of your pick is very prominent, maybe you could try using a different one?

I noticed there were some issues with changing from certain chords to certain chords and keeping up your strumming pattern. With just a little bit more automatization, I’m sure you’ll get this song sounding even better in no time :slightly_smiling_face:

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Advice is always very welcome. I use a soft thin puck to try not to be overwhelmed with the guitar. I use a .46mm. I’d be curious to know what others use. Might be worth a post.
I too noticed a couple of missed chords. It was contributed to the uncomfortablneess of the video.
Much appreciate the full listen.

Thanks David much appreciate the kind words

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Much appreciate the listen. The name was an accident but after your story I think I’ll keep it that way.

Thank you. Much appreciate the listen.

That white Dunlop Nylon . 46 you mean? Yes, I have those as well, and I agree that they are easy to hande though they sound a bit clicky-clacky in my ears. I have yet to find pick with a sound that I absolutely like.

My favorite one so far is my old Dunlop Nylon Max-Grip 0.6. I like the haptics and it’s still flexible enough… but still there is this plasticky pick sound. Let’s say, there is a reason why I started Justin’s Finger strumming course :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Mike, the link to YouTube doesn’t seem to work for me :thinking:

The owner of the Eagles’ publishing is notorious for handing out copyright strikes on youtube. It wouldn’t surprise me if the disappearing video has something to do with that.

Decided not to chance it. Got multiple warnings.