Hotel California solo? Justin announced he was doing a lesson but it isn't on the website yet

In Justin’s newsletter from September 2021 he says he worked out the solo for Hotel California and will post a lesson:


I’ve been watching the web site but haven’t seen anything yet. Has anyone heard any more about this?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Don Washburn
Cedar Rapids, Iowa USA

Hi Don. I haven’t seen anything yet. I think Justin ran into copyright issues before. Don Henley is particular about that. I would love to see this lesson too. I have played the song before using a capo on fret #2. Am-E7-G-D-F-C-Dm-E7 in the verse and F-C-E7-Am-F-C Dm-E7 in chorus. There is also an A minor walkup open A, 2 fret A, 3rd fret A, open D string, D second fret, 3rd fret F. Awesome song choice though and a crowd pleaser.

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You could always try this version.

Don, I have raised this with the JG Team.

Hello there! Justin uses this song for the Italy Workshops, but there are still no public lessons on its solo. I know it’s still on his list, but he has a big one! I’ll ask if he can do it for this year, but I can’t promise anything. :slight_smile: