Hotel California

I learned to play an acoustic strummy version of Hotel California, with no capo with the following chords: verse Bm – F#7 – A – E – G – D - Em – F#7 (btw, how many songs start out with 7 different chords?!) and chorus: G – D – F#7 – Bm – G – D – Em – F#7. These particular chords allow for some nice embellishments which bring out some of the melody.

Out of curiosity, I watched a live performance by the Eagles and there were three and a half guitars: Don Felder plays a double-necked Gibson :grinning:. He plays the intro on the 12-string neck capoed at 7 and later he also plays some fills on the 12-string, but mostly during the rest of the song, he seems to play fills on the 6-string neck.

Joe Walsh plays a Tele (no capo) and plays those classic fills you hear during the chorus, plus strums the chords during the verses.

Glen Frey plays a 12-string acoustic capoed at 2, strumming the chords given by @Jwaters above.

The iconic “solo” is played by both Felder (6-string) and Walsh. At first they take turns, later on they play together.

Eagles - Hotel California (Live 1977) (Official Video) [HD] - YouTube

Hi John,
That’s also my campfire version that I learned,and are also almost so above the sheet music in the lesson (A-Asus2 and E-E7#g ) and the chorus is worth mentioning that in Justin class he makes a mistake there (and funny that I also learned the same mistake before a friend pointed it out to me 3 years ago )…and that 3 and a half guitar version is amazing (and just feels like cheating :smile:)