Hotel California

I am trying to learn this and had a hard time with it so any advice on this song will help. I know about the way I am seated is wrong but my room that I will be playing my guitar In is almost done and will have a place to practice .(Hotel California 1st try - YouTube) Hotel California 1st try - YouTube


From other posts I’ve been looking through I spotted that you’ve only been playing since December, you’ve made excellent progress in that short time. Hard to see from the camera angle but think you even had a fairly smooth chord change to F in there. You should be extremely proud of your progress, look forward to hearing more :v:

Thanks Chazzo

Great job Jeff, only playing since December that’s fantastic. Good rhythm. Smooth chord changes. Sound awesome :clap:.

Some good playing there Jeff. Clean chords, steady consistent strum pattern.
However your timing is out. You’re missing a beat at every chord change. If you sing the lyric or play alongside the original you’ll see/hear what I mean.
Great job though if you’ve only been playing since December.

@sairfingers so now we know how to play HC and post it on YT without it getting blocked by The Eagles Legal Beagles :rofl:

Sounding good, Jeff, and I’ve nothing further helpful to add to the comments already made.

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Thanks for the comments … is this in 4/4 timing so I can get this right

I’m not great on timing ect but as sairfingers suggested, playing along with the record really helps you get the ‘feel’ of it. When I’m learning a song and away from the guitar I’ll listen to it on my headphones, usually if I’m out walking/travelling ect. This also helps get the groove of the song and it also helps to sing along, even if it’s under your breath. I really hope you’re feeling good about your progress, because you really should be. I found the first 6months to a year of learning to have the biggest highs and lows, there’s lots of ‘eureka’ moments but also a lot of frustrations to deal with. Keep strumming :v:

Excellent guitar playing, even at your very early stage of guitar journey.
You have groove and great timing!
One small note, when strumming, be mindful that there are chords that do not require all the strings to be strummed.
When strumming the Dm chord, try to strum only the E-B-G-D strings, and try not to hit the A and low E strings.
Keep on playing, outstanding guitar progress!!!

Hi Rene, @ReneAsologuitar
Could you explain to me what you mean by this, because when I listen to this I see and hear a lot of good things…so good job on that Jeff :sunglasses:
but when it comes to timing compared to the original, no guitar chord where on time, just as indicated by others…but I think you mean something else but I would like to know what?
Maybe just a translation thing :blush:

Thanks Rene I appreciate it . I am going to redo this weekend and see if I can tighten this up


My two main guitar ambitions are to master the outro solo’s to this song and to Comfortably Numb. I’m hoping I’ve got about 30 odd years :slight_smile: … but who knows eh?

Hello Jeff…it sounded very good to my ear, nevermind the dropped beats :woman_shrugging: I’m sure you’ll work on this aspect and fix it…I used to drop or even add beats so much :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Sounding good Jeff. I did pick up on the same as @sairfingers so work on that and it’s going to sound great.

Thanks y’all I started last night counting out the beats and figuring this out.

Hey Jeff, you already had some good advice on timing. Strumming sounds pretty good, although perhaps looks like you’re moving mainly from the elbow - try to get the wrist involved as well, it will be easier.

I’m wondering where you got the chords for this one from? Have you seen Justin’s lesson? It’s hard to tell what you’re playing from the angle, but it doesn’t look quite right. It sounds like the right progression (probably due to the capo, so different chord shapes), but Hotel California is so iconic you might want to try the standard chords. Some are atypical shapes, but aside from B7 they’re not too hard. It’s usually played with capo on 7.

Check out Justin’s lesson:

Justins lesson for that is blocked for copyrights

It is unlocked last week :sunglasses:
And a capo on 2…I never see that before…but I have seen (also at the band itself) without a capo when it comes to rhythm guitar without the picking patterns…have fun

On Ultimate Guitar, look at version 5 for the correct chord fingerings. With UG, the chord diagrams are often wrong as well, unfortunately, they’re generic computer generated ones. It’s unfortunate Justin’s lesson is blocked in your region, it’s a pretty good one and he goes through the picking pattern too.

Summarising the chord progression:

Capo on 7. You could play it open but it would be a different key.

Em B7 Dsus2 A9 C G Am B7

Chord voicings (relative to capo):

Em 022000
B7 x21202
Dsus2 000230
A9 042000
C 032010
G 320003
Am 002210