Hound Dog

Hi friends. It’s been too long. Felt good to play guitar today! Looking forward to catching up on posts!


Hey Tosh good to see you been too long sir !

Good to see you back into the swing of things, sounding good but the levels may have been a little high as I got a few pops and crackles but heck did not spoil the enjoyment. Man I dipped out of a Samantha Fish concert on YT when I saw the post. Hey but worth it.

Don’t be a stranger.



Hey Tosh. Long time no see! Good to see you back. Elvis! Elvis! What’s happened to Johnny Cash? :smiley:

That was an enjoyable performance of a real classic. Well done.

I wish you luck on that one Tosh. If you’re off the site for a day now, you’ve missed about 100 posts!

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That’s a good point about the levels. i didn’t hear that myself but is good to know you did. I will try not to be a stranger. really was fun playing and posting

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I’ll do Johnny next Gordon. Thanks for the complements!

Hey Tosh! Been missing you. Glad to see you back. Still playing and singing great! Hope to hear you again soon.

Good to see you too, Pam!

Nice recording studio.
I am enjoying your production.
Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Rene!

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Hey, Tosh, I was wondering if you got hauled off to Folsom or something.
Really good to hear you back in the groove doing an Elvis song. Sounding good as ever, too.

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Good to hear you giving the CASH signature model a workout with an Elvis tune, Tosh, most enjoyable. I especially liked the chromatic walk between chords and some muted strums to keep it interesting.

Thank you!

It’s a really fun guitar. Thanks David!

Hey Cash… I mean Tosh,
I like that inlay in the fretboard! Looking for more Cash of course, but this song will do for now.

I think you need to find you mic sweet spot again. Your vox was up there and the guitar could have come up a bit.

But nice play and vox on this one.

7 Months is a long time dude! Shorten the gap or get zapped!

That made me laugh LB. Definitely too long!

Good to see Hoss get back in the saddle, leave the Ponderosa and mosey into town, flashing his Cash as if he was the King himself :smiley: It’s been a while, pardner! Sounding good.

THank Brian!

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I really enjoyed your performance on this one, a bit understated and right in the groove. Loved the vocal variations too. It’s nice to see and hear you!!

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Hey Tosh glad to see you back here, and what an unexpected cover from your sleeve, well done! Don’t be a stranger, all the best!

Well done! I really like your guitar!