House Jam

Jammy New Year!


Tasty jam CT!

Cool to see you’re not afraid to play higher up the neck on your acoustic.
Gentle and comprehensive phrasing

Tip: Next level would be seeying you throwing in sole slides, doublestops and a bit more vibrato for flavour :wink:

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Sounded great. What chords was the backing track, and what scale were you using?

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Not only tasty jam, but a completely new flavour to the bread and butter of the House of the Rising Sun. That’s the kind of lead work that might eventually tempt me out of strumming :laughing:
Old-school vibes from me :sunglasses:
Moremalade please!

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Thank you sir! I always kick myself for the things I did or didn’t do (or right) on a jam. I’ve never been accused of NOT playing up or down on the neck or using dbl-stops before though. Not easy to check every box every time in the heat of the battle. LOL

I uncharacteristically only added a triad “thing” at the very end. Vibrato has been and will always be a work in progress for me, although much easier on an electric. Mine falls somewhere between a violin method and what Clapton does on occasion.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard you do an improv, and would welcome it. Show us the way Obi Wan. :slight_smile:

Thanks JK! It’s the standard Amin progression. I always give backing track, photo and lesson credits (if applicable) in the description section of my videos. You’ll see the chord progression in the grid:
Backing track:

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Thanks BL! One of the boxes I checked here was a pentatonic take on the melody and then expanded upon that. Justin has a “House” lesson using the major scale to get to the melody. Both are valid ways to skin the cat.

Jump on in the lead playing pool, the water is nice. :slight_smile:

Glad you decided to ‘preserve’ some of your fruity moments Clint.
The House chord progression can ruin many a poor boy.


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Yeah nice one Clint.
I’ll always click on an improv AVOYP, especially yours.

  1. They’re always enjoyable
  2. There’s always an idea or 2 for me to steal :wink:
    Gonna add that BT to my collection too. Thanks.

Cheers, Shane

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Thank you Sir Richard! Hopefully I gave it some level of justice. Easy for me to be critical, there were some chops and SPACES that were left on the table. On to the next thing. Gotta keep playing! :guitar: :running_man:

Thanks for the super kind words sir, greatly appreciated! Go ahead and steal what I’ve already stolen (for sure). If in doubt, ride the pentatonic highway. :oncoming_automobile:

That was great Clint. As always, that was inspiring. Improv over a song that you wouldn’t have thought of improvising over ……… mmmm. Much food for thought there. Thanks Clint! :smiley:

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Ahh, that explains why it sounded like HOTRS. I wasn’t sure if that was coincidence or not. “House Jam” - I get it now.

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Thanks Gordon! One of the things I forgot to do was return to the actual melody. Failing to do so made it more about the improve and less about the tune. Not the end of the world. Again, chops left on the table. LOL

Hey, have a go at it. Tackling a well known melody makes things easier. You can kind of wing it if you get lost.

EDIT: I had to search for a backing track that had a little more “rock 'n roll” attitude to it than the traditional progression.

Have a go folks, Clint is right.
But be wary.
Am, C, D, F, E7

You’re not improvising over a diatonic progression.

A minor pentatonic:
A, C, D, E, G

Might some of those notes clash with the chord tones?

A minor:
A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Hazards to be aware of?

I have just answered a question about melody (which is what improvisation is after all) over progressions with borrowed chords - in the borrowed chords topic here. This is an example where one scale does not fit all.


Yeah, I agree for the most part. With improv you can kind of “Fake” the melody a bit (I certainly do), or insert fills and embellishment, but there is the “well known” melody of the song that might be slightly different. :slight_smile:

@Richard_close2u , teacher teach us! Dust off that epi Masterbuilt and lay down some jams. We need you. :slight_smile:

Cool beans Clint glad to see you jamming, clearly in acoustic groove lately, nice!

Am I right in thinking that we should avoid playing:

Dmaj D F# A - Look out not to play F note from Am as chord has F#
Fmaj - Look out not to play B note as chord has Bb?

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I should clarify, not totally sure if I need to, but I had to borrow some notes from the major/minor scale to nail the actual melody. Is that what you are alluding to @Richard_close2u? You can’t get all the way there with just the Amin pentatonic scale. What’s cool is that when sussing out the melody the actual scale you are using can be the furthest thing from your mind.

Thanks Adrian! When I do get a chance to practice/play these days it’s usually with the acoustic. The backing track is just played in the background from the TV. I do miss my electrics.

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