House of the Rising Sun, finger style on the Sigma 12 string

Happy New Year everybody! I figured I’d send the year out with an attempt at House of the Rising Sun, finger style on my ole Sigma 12 string. I know, I know, most sane people don’t try finger style on a 12 string. Well, nobody ever accused me of being normal. :wink: I figure if I can master this on my 12 sting I’ll be able to master it on anything. Oh and it’s the only acoustic I own.

It still needs a bit of work but I’m finally to a point I’m not totally embarrassed posting it up.


Absolutely, one like that would take some playing :grin:
Seriously I think you made a pretty decent job of it, we all tend to be over self critical; don’t beat yourself up so much!

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Here’s wishing you the best in 2022, Joe.

My ears are just fine, you’re going to have to work way harder to induce bleeding.

You did a good job on that take. It is tough to maintain the rhythm, make the changes, and sing through all those verses.

I assume you left out a “not” there.

There’ll always be room for improvement. I think that remains true at whatever play-grade you may reach. I think there’s a fine line between being aware of ways to improve and being overly critical, to the point where it robs us of some of the joy and sense of achievement.

I think your over-riding sense having watched this should be of satisfaction. Hope that is true.

So while I also enjoy a little self-deprecation and do guard against being too self-satisfied and aim to stay humble and grounded; I’m with Darrell …

Keep on keeping on and please share more recordings in 2022!

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Well done frito, you’re conquering the 12-string picking nicely. :slight_smile:

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Awesome performance!


I loved it, Joe. No need for embarrassment at all. That was good performance with excellent timing and authenticity. I’ll take it, too. :slight_smile: Give us more 12 string goodness!

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Thanks for catching my typos there guys. :slight_smile: Good thing we can go back and edit. :wink:

Overall I am happy with it. I know where i made some mistakes and areas I want to improve but that’s part of the journey. I tend to have a self-deprecating sense of humor to, as you point out, keep me grounded and keep me from taking myself too seriously. If I was perfect I’d have no need to work on it any more.

I see this is your first post. I am humbled that your first post is by taking the time to listen to my music. Thank you very much and a warm welcome to the community. Make sure to give a proper introduction so everybody in the community gets to meet you.

Thank you Jason. Authenticity - man that is a compliment right there. I try to be as authentic as I can while playing. I’m glad it’s noticable.

Thanks Richard. It’s quite a bit different than on the six and it’s a challenge I totally enjoy.

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That was really good Joe, I didn’t pick up any mistakes while listening on my phone. 12 string made it sound really rich and your play was great, pat yourself on the back for me it’s job well done!

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Thanks Adrian, I really appreciate it. Being a 12 string junky I can always tell when I miss the octave string while picking - I hit the “main string” but not the octave. It might not be as noticable on the recording but I notice it while playing

Sounded good to me, well done. Thought the guitar was a bit quiet compared to the vocal though.

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Nicely played and sung, Joe :smiley:
I’m not sure I would have recognised it as a 12 string if I hadn’t been told beforehand- in my head I associate that guitar with a more ‘zingy’ sound, but imagine is difficult to pluck.
I think I must be one of the few who have never had a stab at this song- No idea why not, as I like it.

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Thanks. Yeah, that is one of the things I’m still working on. I haven’t yet mastered a consistent volume while finger picking. It’s even more of a challenge when I finger pick and sing together. It’s definitely something I’m practicing and have down as a goal.

Thanks Brian. Having owned it for 36 years, my ears have become trained to recognize when a 12 string is used in a song. I think it’s one of those things you have to own and use frequently to pick up on. I don’t think I would notice it in songs as much if I didn’t own it and use it as my primary guitar.

Justin has a lesson on it which is where I picked up. Check it out and give it a go. :+1:

Happy New Year Joe and thanks for sharing.

Been working on this as part of my return to finger picking. Tricky enough with 6 strings let alone 12. Keeping the pattern going and singing is a bit like patting your head while rubbing your belly. Thought you did exceptionally well.



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You are amazing Joe! I’m filled with admiration. No small feat to play 12,000 strings so nicely and sing, keep time and have an appealing vibe that has me begging for more.


Thanks so much Toby. Yeah, it’s been a progression. I first started with the two main patterns (A string bass note and D string bass note) individually without chord changes. I do think I need to revisit this part BTW and focus on consistently hitting both strings. Anyway, I then moved on to the chord progression and finally tossed in the singing.

Believe it or not, I sometimes find singing while I play to be easier than not. It kind of guides me through the song. Strange, I know.

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Thanks Maggie. It would be amazing to play 12,000 strings wouldn’t it? :wink: I appreciate the compliments. It means a lot.

Really good performance, thanks for sharing it!

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Thanks so much Sarah.