House of the Rising Sun shows as 4/4 time signature in the App

Has anybody used the app to play/learn this song?
It seems to be on 4/4 in the app and not in 6/8 as in Justin lesson. Quite confusing.

The song is definitely 6/8 @kaiben
I’m not sure what the app shows and if it shows 4/4 why it does that.

@kaiben You are right, it’s in 4/4 in the app. Would be interesting to know, if there is a certain reason for this? Click function is 4/4 and they show a 4 down strum pattern. Confusing…

I asked Musopia about this and got this answer:

Hi Kai,

Thanks for getting in touch and we’re sorry about this error for the song.

We are looking into ways to alter the time signature for this track!

Best wishes

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Thanks for this information!

Well, it’s a year later and it’s still in 4|4 time in the app.

My suggestion is listen to the original. It’s clearly 6/8. Always has been, always will be. Just because an app says something different doesn’t mean you have to follow it blindly. :grinning:


Absolutely, I can’t see the animals re-recording it in a different time signature. Out of interest did Frijid Pink do a different time signature version of the song?

James @Socio Gordon @sairfingers

According to this site they did, will have to have a listen.
Could be interesting

Clearly any song can be sung and played in any style/tempo/genre you want. The only constraint is your creativity. But we are talking about the original here. It’s 6/8.

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I was just thinking along the lines did they put the right version of the song on the app if its taken them a year to find a way to alter the time signature and still no solution apparently.


Gordon @sairfingers
Now had a listen “it’s h of the r s, Jim but not as we know it” :-1:

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You’ll find this interesting
House of the Rising Sun through History


James @Socio
Very interesting collection but the one that really stands out it, is the Animals version.
I might be biased as they come from just up the road and it was No 1 in the uk charts when as 10 going on 11 year old and away on my first school camp in July 64. Always like the haunting melody.

Actually, we aren’t. House of the Rising Sun is a traditional folk song that has been recorded by many going back nearly 100 years. Wikipedia says most of the early versions were in 4/4.

Bob Dylan did it on his very first album, and he got it from Dave Van Ronk on the NYC folk scene of the early '60s. Van Ronk tells a story about it on Scorsese’s Dylan documentary, No Direction Home:

(It’s worth watching until the end, when Van Ronk gives the punch line.)

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I have raised an alert and hopefully this will be fixed soon.

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Picked my words badly. I of course meant the original Animals version.

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Hi All,

We have updated this song to reflect 6/8 timing now :slight_smile:


Fantastic work @MusopiaApps thank you for all your behind the scenes work.

Thank you to change this song, finally. In the meanwhile I used the moises app to learn/play this song. Now I will give it a try with the JG app again :slight_smile:
Best regards to the JG community from our holiday in Greece (missing the guitar)

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