Housebound Electric Blues - original

A track I wrote during the recent lockdown in Shanghai, some heavy blues with both rhythm and lead parts, both played on my Epiphone SG. I feel my rhythm playing in general isn’t too bad but my lead work and improvising is still very much in the beginner stages, so this was definitely good practice.

For those who are interested the recording set up was:

Epiphone SG into a Scarlett 2i2 and recorded and mixed in GarageBand.


Hi David,
There’s a lot of good in that :sunglasses:, and certainly a heavy blues,… too bad your drum and bass are drowned out by the guitar… have fun

Heavy blues indeed and it was goooooood. Who’d have thought you can rock the blues!

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Well done, David, that was a lot of fun.

I’d agree with @roger_holland and suggest that the rhythm guitar was a little over-powering in the mix. I’d like the lead to stand out, cut through the mix , more to enjoy that more.

From a lead play perspective, lots of tasty phrases, picked up some bends (can’t comment on pitch accuracy), and noticed some repetition of ideas in places.

What you may want to work on is breathing space, allowing some pauses rather than playing almost continuously. You could also work on some longer sustained notes.

But overall lots to like and you have progressed beyond the first steps into the world of improv.

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Thanks for listening and commenting everyone. Definitely good advice on the adjusting the levels in the mix, again, this is something I’m new to, so it’s all part of the learning curve. Thanks @DavidP for the specific suggestions on the lead parts as well, cheers.

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Sounded pretty good. Did you use a backing track for it? Or play, or arrange the DnB?

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Thanks @jkahn I just used one of the preset drum tracks in GarageBand, which I’m new to. I find it preferable to playing to a metronome when recording songs, certainly more musical.