How And Why To Practice Scales

Picking scales with a metronome is boring, right? But it's super effective for developing hand synchronization!

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Hi. I have 2 scales on my practice schedule. I want to learn the different modes of each scale so I can improvise better. what bpm should I go for before learning a new mode?

Hi Ariel and welcome to the Community. Have you listened to the lesson all the way through and read the notes that come with it? Your questions are all answered there.

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If I may pull you up short and tell you to stop right there. I presume the two scales you are practicing are the minor pentatonic scale and the major scale Justin teaches in the beginner modules.

The lesson under discussion here is about using the scale practice in a strict and regimented manner to develop good coordination between your hands - technique.

It is also vital to be aware that you need to use the scale patterns that you already know to make music, to improvise, to have fun, to be creative and experimental. Justin introduces the concept here: Major Scale Improvisation |

But here’s the thing. You should never learn more scales than you can use to make music with. There are five patterns of each of the minor pentatonic and major scales respectively and twelve keys to practice them in - though realistically as a guitarist you could happily get away with just five or so keys out of twelve.

Unless and until you have fluency in those, you should avoid looking beyond and at modes. Here’s Justin’s take on it. When NOT To Learn Scales... |

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