How are your holiday preparations going?


Looks like the 20 character limit gets circumvented when posting images so that’s something to keep in mind

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I managed to untangle mines this year, still wonder how - and somehow I always end up doing this even though it is not the most exciting hobby to have! :smiley:

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We just put up our decorations today. Fairly low key as family won’t be here again, as my daughter’s on call for Xmas, New Year and pretty much all winter. So no change for her for the last 22 months. No fun in NHS EPRR. They went home after Xmas 2019 and her region picked the first 2 UK Covid cases and the phones not stopped since. Decs are up but not sure what we will be celebrating, knowing me kid’s still getting battered.

And of course the friggin tree lights didn’t work. There’s a surprise !!!

Humbugs anyone ?

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My wife handles the decorations. It’s my job to do logistics attic-> living room and later on living room->attic :stuck_out_tongue:


Just spent the afternoon baking bikkie’s with me mammy. Who’s a good ickle boy den? :innocent:

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Did yer lick the bowl ? :rofl:

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Ours are all up but I’m like Lieven, I just get the stuff out of the loft and I also put the lights on the tree. I then light up and retire for Mrs C to do it all. It’s too much like hard work to get involved. :smirk: